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    Suede is a high-quality form of leather that is made from the underside of the animal hide. 

    Because of its napped finish, it's widely used for accessories, jackets, shoes, and other fashion items. The loose fiber, as its surface, gives it a matte-like look, in contrast with most leather shoes that are usually sleek. However, that is the reason why men love these shoes. It works to the advantage of the wearer since this footwear adds intelligence and swag to your getup. It gives a whirl to the usual formal wear by giving it a casual edge while maintaining its promise of comfort and sturdiness. suede has a texture that cannot be matched by leather and therefore adds an element of captivation. You would get hooked with intrigue in these shoes, and even though they are not as durable as those glossy leather shoes, their lushness makes up for it.

    There is always a suede pair that would be perfect for any occasion heading your way. These men's shoes give off a sense of balance, so dressing up would not feel too much, regardless if you intend to wear them with your casual or formal clothes. Here at DapperFam, we offer you top-notch suede shoes in our collection. You won't go wrong in investing in a high-quality pair of suede, one that's welted carefully and made delicately. For the softer, more supple surfaces, suede shoes need a little more taking care of, but you can always find suede protectors and enough brushing to do the job. 

    Whatever your style is, there is a pair of suede shoes that would complement your outfit. At DapperFam, you'll find high-class suede shoes that suit your taste. Browse our collection now and spruce up your getup today!

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    The Hat was Everything I Expected and More. Great Hat, Great fit,Great look. Great Overall Service; Delivery and Packaging on point. A pleasure doing Business with Dapper Fam.

    Mr. Adams

    Really love my hat. Stylish and eye catching and exquisitely made to perfection. Fits me perfectly and fits my swag too! Now I need more colors of this brand. DapperFam properly packed the hat in a sturdy box, to prevent crushing. Here on out, I'm a DapperFam man!

    Mr. Martin

    Highly appreciate the hat and style , the look is outstanding and brings that flare in your appearance! Must buy if you want that dapper look and style ! Will buy more when the others arrive ! Salute to your company !

    Mr. James

    Definitely recommend and will be buying again
    Same day shipping

    This hat was the talk of the event it matched up to a tee with my suit and shoes.

    Mr. Lofton

    All around dope ostrich sneakers and the cushion your feet feel is like new money!

    Mr. White
    New Jersey