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How to Buy Hats Online

As men took on the fashion spotlight more, trying out different looks and styles, there has been a huge boom in the headwear department. Hats have become a go-to way...

As men took on the fashion spotlight more, trying out different looks and styles, there has been a huge boom in the headwear department. Hats have become a go-to way to elevate your look, help pull out your get-up while ensuring warmth and comfort!

But how do you choose the right cap or hat for you? With the variety of options available online, picking one can be an ordeal. Good thing we have a list of all the important things you should consider when buying a hat online.

Read on and learn about some useful tips that will help you buy the right to look better and to feel comfortable.

Find Out Your Hat Size

Before shopping online, you must first find your hat size.

Finding a hat size is a no-brainer. All you need is some measuring tape or a flexible string. You simply wrap the tape around your head, from the brow right back at it, then mark it with your finger. After taking the measurement, just convert the inches measurement into hat size.

It’s also important to consider the shape of your face. It’s a great factor in determining if the hat matches well with your overall look. For instance, if you have a round face shape, you may have to wear hats with wide brims.

Still, most hats and caps in can be adjusted to fit almost every head size and shape.

Choose Your Hat Type

For every lad, there’s a hat.

At, we offer a variety of hat types, that you might get confused about which one to buy. However, this just means that there’s a selection for each style.

  • Full brim caps – these hats go well with smart casual outfits such as jeans and white tees.
  • Baseball caps – these are popular among the laid back and chill types for they are both comfortable and inexpensive.
  • Cowboy hats – these hats are classic for the Americans and southerners alike who want to have an old-school vibe.
  • Other types – apart from the popular types above, there are still other hat types that can fit any occasion and style, such as fedora, gambler, and brimless hats. There are also types of hats according to their material, color, and brim size. All you have to do is browse around!

Make sure that the hat you’re choosing fits your wardrobe style. But if you’re the risky type, you can try out a new one!

Check the Quality of the Hat

Beyond its style, a good hat must also last long.

Your hat will be like your companion for everyday activities, so expect it to be exposed to dirt and debris. The fabric of the cap is essential in determining the durability of the hat. It’s also a prime indicator of how you should care for your hat.

Besides the fabric, the craftsmanship put on the making of hats also determines the hat’s quality. That’s why in, we make sure that all featured hats are made of the utmost quality.

Assure the Comfort of the Hat

Comfort must be at the top of your checklist when buying a hat. This is because you’ll likely wear your hat often, and you don’t want itchy and uncomfortable headwear to ruin your day.

You can determine the comfort of a hat by knowing the material it’s made of.

  • Hats made from polyester and linen are usually the ones that feel lightweight and soft in the head.
  • For maximum comfort and gentleness, on the other hand, hats made of fur felt or wool felt are your best choice.

Make Sure of the Breathability of the Hat

If you want to buy a hat for summer or for running, you need one that is breathable and lightweight and stays fit on your head despite the wind.

Having a hat that breathes will also eliminate odor and sweat in your hair. It helps you cool down and gives you sufficient ventilation even in the midst of hot and humid weather. Polyester, nylon, and cotton are the top three hat materials that are ultra-thin and lightweight when worn.

Ensure Its Protection

Despite its emergence as a fashion statement, protection is still a hat’s basic function as an accessory. It’s needed for protecting the skin from harmful UV rays and dirt.

Hence, make sure to check the shade it provides you. Measure the width of the brim and figure out if it’s wide enough to protect your face. UV-Protection Factor ratings are also a way to help you determine the hat’s functionality.

Buy at the Right Price

It is perfectly fine to treat yourself from time to time and buy a costly hat as long as you can afford it yourself. But if you’re on a tight budget, it doesn’t mean that you have to settle for lower quality and less attractive hats.

You do not have to break the bank just to cop yourself with a luxury-level quality hat that fits your style! At, we make sure that our hats are justified and affordable. Our selection is carefully curated so that you’re always getting your money’s worth


How do I know my style?

Many considerations go into choosing your style. When you buy a hat, it should be suited to your face shape, personality, preference, and body type. You may also take into consideration the season, occasion, and places where you’ll wear the hat you’re buying.

How can I buy online safely?

There are many different online shops selling hats and caps. Take this with caution, since the internet can be a place where scams and frauds occur. That’s why we recommend that you buy in, where transactions are guaranteed safe always.

Where can I buy hats online?

Out of the many hat shops on the web, remains one of the most reliable and popular sellers of hats. For all its products, it promises great quality and a trendy aesthetic, while ensuring your comfort.

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