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Key Reasons Why Italian Men's Shoes Are Superior

Why Italian Men’s Shoes Are Superior Premium Materials The shoemakers’ skills and reputation High Quality Durability Unique style Our Verdict Italian shoes always ring a different bell for every shoe...

Italian shoes always ring a different bell for every shoe enthusiast, in a way that would remind them how they made the right decision of securing themself a pair of shoes from the artisans in Italy. But why are these shoes exalted both by shoe lovers and manufacturers? Here are the key reasons why you would love Italian shoes like the rest of the world.

Premium Materials

Both bespoke and factory-made Italian shoes are commonly made of premium quality grade 1 cowhide. Some of their best-sellers are even made of calfskin, which is a little thinner and delicate but a lot sleeker and elegant-looking. Nonetheless, cordwainers make sure the shoe quality is not compromised.

Italians are also known to use their own leather in making their shoes. Their tanning process has been honed through centuries and what made these leathers come out with such outstanding quality.

The shoemakers’ skills and reputation

Italian artisans and shoemakers have had a long history in the leather industry. Even today, you can still find a lot of bespoke shoemakers in workshops or factories in the country. Both huge Italian companies such as Santoni or individual crafters downtown have a good reputation for their skills to produce long-lasting footwear and their ability to distinguish what it takes to make a high-end pair of men’s shoes.

High quality

A designer pair of shoes really doesn’t amount to anything great without its quality. This is one of the reasons Italian shoes came to fame: the consistently high-quality shoes they brought and continue to get to the market. Each custom made pair is painstakingly sewn, assembled, and glued together to form comfortable and fashionable shoes that can last for even decades when maintained well. Italian artisans still use Goodyear welt construction to make this possible; one of their favorite processes is making sturdy shoes, no matter how time-consuming. This can be easily seen in their luxurious pairs, where the seams are visible on the soles. The welt construction significantly contributes to the shoes’ durability and water resistance. All of this is why one pair of bespoke Italian shoes that are purely handmade sometimes takes three weeks the making.

Italian craftsmen also feature quality Black-stitched or Blake rapid stitched shoes. Although some men prefer Goodyear welted shoes since their outsoles can be easily replaced, others tend to have a harder time reconciling their feet with these thicker welted pairs and thus prefer black rapid stitch shoes that have more flexibility thinner soles.


There is no question with regards to the quality of authentic Italian shoes. With proper care, you can make your first purchase your only purchase, which makes a few hundred dollars worth it. Italian men’s shoes can withstand harsh conditions, but don’t deliberately bring them out during a storm since, without your care, not even the best quality shoes can last.

The primary factor that determines an Italian men’s shoes’ durability is its leather. Their leather is made from cowhide obtained from high-quality cows bred in an ideal environment, where they are raised to provide the best quality of meat. Aside from the leather, Italians take pride in their natural tanning process that has been used for centuries, which helps them achieve a natural, more sturdy finish.

Unique style

Any man who owns a pair of Italian shoes can tell you how iconic and stylish they are. Authentic Italian leather usually has variations in coloring that enables it to look more appealing, natural, and all the more aesthetically pleasing.

On the other hand, Bespoke Italian shoes display a glimpse of Italy’s rich tradition and heritage. With hand-burnished patina that have darker or lighter areas, you would not simply take one glance when you pass by a gentleman wearing this pair. It is also worth noting that bespoke shoes are intricately made shoes that are based on a shoe last created from scratch, all according to the measure of the client’s feet. They are specifically designed for your fit and utmost comfort.

Different styles of Italian leather shoes have started appearing in outlets and online stores nowadays. There are also designs that combine suede with sleek leather. With a versatile but unique appearance, you can wear your pair on different occasions since they are quite easy to combine and mix with your outfits.

Our verdict

Italians are, without question, one of the most esteemed manufacturers of authentic leather shoes today. However, regardless of the construction and design, investing in a high-quality pair of shoes boils down to where your feet are most comfortable, the style you want to express, and its ability to support the build of your body. You can always opt for semi-bespoke or factory-made Italian leather shoes if you are a little short on budget, and you would find yourself getting a high-quality pair nonetheless. What really matters is that you commit to tending the best care you can give to your shoes to help it live to its full potential and maintain the beauty of its craftsmen embedded in them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why is Italian leather so expensive?

Italian leather is high quality and expensive because artisans use exclusively all-natural vegetable and plant-based extracts to make Italian leather. It also isn’t mass-produced. Hence, Italian leather takes longer to manufacture than cheaper ones.

Is Italian leather waterproof?

Italian leather is somewhat water-resistant. However, because of its permeable nature, too much water will cause Italian leather to become wet.

How can you tell real Italian leather?

Always check if the leather has a plastic texture or feels very smooth. If it does, then it might be a fake one.

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