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The Best Fedora Brands to Choose in 2021

Are you planning to go to an outdoor concert with your friends in the afternoon? You may not want to leave out getting your fedora to wear. It can be...

Are you planning to go to an outdoor concert with your friends in the afternoon? You may not want to leave out getting your fedora to wear. It can be hot and windy, irritating your hair and exposing you too long to the sunlight.

But the problem is, do you have any option to wear? You’ve probably been torn apart from choosing a fedora that can truly represent you and your personality through a dressing style.

Don’t be concerned. In this piece, we’ll provide our picks for the best fedora brands that will go with every event and outfit you own while also providing your complete comfort.

But first, let us define fedora and why you need to pick it apart from the majority of hats you can choose.

What Is a Fedora Hat?

Fedoras have been around for a long time. People tend to treat fedora hats like a switch, choosing it whenever the trend clicks. The on and off relationship of the people and the hat feels like the timeline of its existence stretches. Still, because of it, fedoras have flexibility when it comes to dressing range.

In the past, fedora hats were part of the formal dress code. It was a part of displaying your status and predominantly seen in women because of Victorien Sardou’s play influence.

Speaking of Victorien Sardou, did you know that fedora came from the Greek word Theodoros which means “gift of God”? Women have widely accepted fedora, and they even wore it during the women’s rights movement in the 19th century.

And it was only in 1924 when Prince Edward of Britain introduced the fedora hats fashion craze with men.

But, even if some men still use it in their formal attires, you can still have it in the summer. You can wear fedoras and match them in any casual western style, like your most comfortable clothes.

How To Choose The Best Fedora Brands

Knowing the quality of design, comfort of your hat, overall product quality, and matching hat size to head size are essential considerations in getting a fedora. If you get it all right, you can have a lesser cost and top feature of a remarkable hat to go with your outfit.


It saves time to study the crown size, brim length, and dent shape of the fedora hat before shopping. You can choose a cowboy or western look, or if you prefer the urban look, you can go for it.


Comfort is also one of the crucial choices you need to make in trying out the fedora hats. Your ease is essential for your enjoyment and the way you rock the outfit in the end.


Size is the next thing you should look after getting comfortable. Your face and head shape can contribute to getting the best look of your hat.

Product Quality

The hat’s material determines its quality. The best fedora brands use wool, felt, or straw, depending on the season and weather. It should also hold its shape after repeated pushes.

After knowing the brief introduction about fedora hats and choosing the best, let’s get on the best fedora brands that you should be checking out before making your first purchase.

The 10 Best Fedora Brands in 2021

1. Stetson Fedora Brand

Stetson is versatile in the hat-making industry. They are known for their cowboy hats, but their fedora felt hat is also to look after.

Their fedora has the best wool, which is suitable for winter and summer. It just gives off the classic style of the fedora hat, but you can see their personal touch in its overall design.

2. Goorin Brothers

If you are looking for a brand already known since the 80s, you can browse Goorin Brother’s selection of refined fedoras. Not only can they assure you can have your fedora hat personalized, but they also advise giving you a suitable hat.

3. Brixton

Like Goorin Brothers, they are also open to your personal touch as they have a vast selection of fedora hats with different sizes and designs. You can also select one for your loved one as this hat is not only exclusive to men, but they also offer great fedoras for women.

4. Bailey

Unlike other fedora hat brands, Bailey takes pleasure in its modern approach. The hat designs have a modern touch that many wearers like movie stars, celebrities, and business people enjoy.

5. Lock & Co.

A fedora hat from Lock & Co. can add a retro touch. This family company dates from 1676. Regarding fedora hats, this brand is known for its unique approach. Their fedora has a wide brim and straw to shield you from the sun, best for your summer outfit.

6. Barbour

Barbour is known to be a British fedora brand for a very long time now. This brand has a vast selection of hats like trilby hats and fedora hats.

7. Akubra

While Barbour is a British hat brand, Akubra is Australian. It focuses on the country and urban styles of fedora hats. Still, you can also have customization to your hat.

8. Borsalino

The Borsalino hat brand is an Italian hat that has been around since 1857. The fedora hat has a wide range of fedora hat styles and even Panama hats.

9. New Era Hat Brand

New Era has an extensive selection of hats. They are not simply exclusive to men, but they also have different hat styles for women. They are using wool materials in their hats with different colors.

10. Fouquet Fedora Hats

Nick Fouquet’s fedora hat brand ties the whole list of the best fedora brands. They have a specific approach in the fedora hat that enhances the look of the user in luxury.

Here are some honorable mention brands so you can also consider:

  • Christy’s of London
  • Filson
  • Ebbets Field Flannels
  • Biltmore Chicago hat
  • Kangol

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why do I have to consider the hat brands of my fedora?

If you already have the best hat brand, you will know that the quality of the materials used in your hat is only from the best. Many companies are only opting to produce many hats and sell them at a low price, but they don’t ensure the quality.

What if I can’t fit in their hat size?

Every brand has a hat size guide for their hats. If you don’t have anything that fits your head, you can look for a brand that offers customized fedora hats.

Can I still wear fedora hats during summer?

There is no specific time when you can wear the fedora hat. But fedora hats that use a straw material are preferably worn during summer to go with your summer suit.

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