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5 Best Exotic Italian Men's Shoes Brands

Quality men’s exotic skin shoes are most often associated with Italian shoemakers. There’s no need to worry about the brand; the quality of the material always speaks for itself. But,...

Quality men’s exotic skin shoes are most often associated with Italian shoemakers. There’s no need to worry about the brand; the quality of the material always speaks for itself.

But, of course, there are times when a brand enhances its product’s attractiveness. It’s important to know how these brands consistently build trust in their shoe quality if you’re looking to buy one.

So, to begin with, let’s rank all of the Best exotic Italian men’s shoe brands and help you make your verdict.

Why Are Italian Men’s Shoe Brands Going at the Top?

Italians know how to recognize and create a fashion statement. The entire shoe leather tanning industry, including the process itself, is done entirely by hand, including continuous innovation with their design. As a result, they have become one of the most well-known manufacturers of exotic skin shoes in the world.

Each shoe goes through an extensive shoemaking process, starting from gathering and making the leather skin by their hands up to the stitching. The handcrafting process is just one, but they are constantly keeping an eye out for the next shoe fashion trend, ensuring that each shoe has the most innovative design available.

Knowing how these Italian shoe brands are the most popular, let’s see some of the most famous Italian men’s shoe brands.

1. Santoni

Starting from our list is Santoni. Santoni is a shoe brand established in 1975 by Andrea Santoni.

The name of this shoe certainly marked the impression of other companies because they are also incorporated in other projects like IWC watches and Mercedes AMG. The exotic skins of each shoe also undergo a rigorous process of painting that comes from the shoemaker experts that could last for more than four hours. Each shoe has at least a 15-layer coat to achieve its vibrant color.

Moreover, this shoe brand knows current trends made of high-quality leather and exotic skin shoes without too much power consumption.

Santoni has many shoes that you can choose from, starting from leather loafers, ankle boots, sneakers, and even slippers.

2. Gucci

We all know how to spot a Gucci, and they are indeed one of the most famous Italian Men’s shoe brands. Even though they are most popular with all apparel in general, their exotic skin shoes are also in their catalog.

Gucci’s brand is famous because of its glamorous and luxurious shoes made with its logo proudly attached to each product. Like Santoni, this brand also uses high-quality leather skin with a touch of contemporary designs that capture everyone’s attention.

When it comes to Gucci shoes, they have different kinds. You can pick your luxurious slides, lace-ups, loafers, and you name it.

3. Belvedere

Belvedere shoes know that quality-leather shoes are essential for every man who knows how to dress for the right occasion.

These shoes are handcrafted, carefully picking and processing them by the artisan’s hand, guaranteeing that they only make exquisite shoes with fine-skinned leather.

The shoe is composed of all leather material. It aims to give you a sense of elegance but with a high comfort as they are incredibly soft and durable as you wear them.

To start your collection, you can check out these beautiful pairs of Belvedere boots and enjoy an excellent quality made boot that could go along with any outfit you have in mind.

4. Salvatore Ferragamo

The next shoe brand on our list is one of the entrusted shoe brands of old Hollywood. Ranging from its peak in the 1920s and its rebirth in 1927 after his return to Italy, Salvatore Ferragamo evolved through time to become one of the extensive designer shoes.

Salvatore Ferragamo’s shoe brand lives with its legacy from a long generation upholding its quality design shoes. They make oxford, loafer, mocassin, and sneakers that surely embellish the refined style they carry throughout the years.

5. Bontoni

Bontoni crafts their shoes the Italian way, and they make sure that your comfort is at the top. While you can admire its luxurious leather design, each shoe is rich with the history and tradition of the makers themselves.

Bontoni prides themselves with their bespoke shoes (otherwise known as Su Misura), where they make each shoe in a 55 working hours process.

They make sure that each shoe fits each individual by getting their shoe size. Their shoemakers know the user’s styles and preferences to ensure that the shoe is specialized according to what he truly deserves.

The sleek designed shoes they show are loafers, oxfords, derby, made from high-quality exotic skins like crocodiles and alligators, and the suedes and deerskin. As if it weren’t enough, each shoe was painted by hand to create a beautiful and suitable pigment that looks great on each skin.

When you want to get your shoes, it depends on you whether you want them to be ready to order or buy a made-to-order. Either way, Bontoni shoes are made with a careful and tedious process of making your shoes suited to your personality, and it is worth every single cent you spend.


When looking for five of the best exotic Italian men’s shoe brands, you could always check Bontoni, Belvedere, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Santoni. Not only can you guarantee that your shoes are made out of the highest brands known to Italian men as exotic skin shoes, but they are also exceptionally crafted by their skilled artisans and high-quality materials.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why does Italy make the best shoes?

When it comes to creating a handcrafted shoe, Italian shoemakers are the best in the world. It is passed down from generation to generation of excellent shoemakers, who make sure the entire materials they use are only sourced from high-quality skins and produced through an intricate shoemaking process.

Are Italian leather/exotic shoes worth buying?

Yes, they are the best shoes you can buy, especially if you’re looking to upgrade your shoe preference from the norm. When you have a pair of Italian leather or exotic skin shoes in your possession, you can rest assured that you are holding a high-grade handcrafted material that oozes sophistication.

What types of shoes do people prefer in Italy?

Waterproof shoes are one type of footwear that is well-known in Italy. It could be a light brogue, a sneaker, or any ankle boots that steers away from the threat of water entering their shoes.

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