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The 6 Best Men's Shoe Styles to Wear in Autumn

The best time of year for menswear, including footwear, is undoubtedly Autumn. It’s the weather where the t-shirt you’ve been wearing all summer is molding up in your drawer, and...

The best time of year for menswear, including footwear, is undoubtedly Autumn. It’s the weather where the t-shirt you’ve been wearing all summer is molding up in your drawer, and you’re starting to wake up with icy toes.

You’ll want to step up your fashion sense, starting with footwear. Here are some of our best men’s footwear recommendations for the autumn season.

Chukka Boots

Chukka boots come in a wide range of styles, from dressy to casual. They are a fantastic option because they go nicely with both more casual and dressier ensembles.

The price-to-quality ratio makes it simple to recommend as your standard footwear for autumn, and it’s ideal for casual, smart casual, and even business casual ensembles.

If you want to get your hands on a pair of Chukka boots, DapperFam has a select few. Cairo in Teak by Chukka Boot offers a traditional Chukka boot design in an attractive Teak color with added textures for style.

Another good recommendation is Hawthorne, also by Chukka Boot. It comes in a sleek black leather design, making it perfect for different occasions in autumn.

Work Boots/High Boots

There are two kinds of work boots: the ones you wear to work if you write about men’s fashion, which is what we’ll be discussing today, and the ones you wear to work if you work in construction (often dubbed as Steel Toes or ankle boots).

The top half of your outfit would look very thick when layering vests, sweaters, and coats, which is a good thing. And rounding out the bottom half of your ensemble with a more substantial pair of boots will help you retain a proportionate silhouette.

Many individuals prefer straightforward leather lace-up work boots, especially if you have a small selection of shoes. These go great with vests, raw denim, flannel shirts, and leather coat jackets.

Want a pair of work boots to call your own? Lucky for you, Taft has partnered up with DapperFam to offer a few of its best products.

Rome Boot in Brown and Saint Boot in Espresso Brown are common favorites when it comes to work boots, both complete with a shiny leather finish, which is perfect for casual and smart-casual ensembles.

If you’re looking for a more modern design, Saint Boot in Camo might be your ideal choice. Apart from the classical leather accents, the camouflage pattern implies more personality and character.

Casual Loafers

Casual style loafers or “slip-on” have been gaining popularity for a while, and once you join the trend, it’s simple to understand why.

They are equally comfortable and easy to wear, and they look great with socks for a trip to the store, dressed up with jeans or wool pants, or worn on a chilly morning as you arrive at the football field. A genuine timeless classic.

Leather loafers are your next best option if you’re looking for a shoe that is slightly more elevated but still simple to put on.

The red Landa by Mezlan is an option you must try out if you’re looking to organize a dress-type ensemble. Although, if you want a more casual look, you can go for Cognac.

If you want to feel classy while rocking a casual look, Stacy Adams’ Dayne offers enough color variety and style to fit any outfit for the autumn weather.


All seasons are fantastic for minimalist sneakers, but fall is when some colors really shine. When the weather starts to cool off, switch to a pair of brown sneakers if you find yourself wearing white sneakers all summer long.

Even though most people adore white shoes, deep brown tones tend to look better in the fall and winter. It’s worth noting that one-tone and two-toned color schemes give off different vibes depending on your ensemble.

Bene in White by Belvedere is a one-tone sneaker with a complex overall design. Looking closely, you may notice that it’s not your typical sneaker. But instead, it uses two different materials to achieve a complex and creative texture.

If you’re looking for a more classy appeal, Arena in Honey by Belvedere might be the sneaker you are looking for. Because of its beautiful brown leather finish, it gives off a classy and formal vibe, perfect for a wide range of wardrobe combinations.

Chelsea Boots

One of the most functional styles of boots you can purchase is a pair of Chelsea boots, which are ideal for the fall and winter. A fantastic pair of Chelsea boots will go with anything, even flannel pants, and raw denim.

They look great in both formal and casual attire, so spending some money on a beautiful pair will be worthwhile. These boots are snug-fitting ankle boots with side panels made of stretchy elastic.

A common design element from the Chelsea boot’s Victorian beginnings is a loop or fabric tab at the back that makes it simple to pull the boot on and off.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Chelsea, a wealthy and fashionable neighborhood in London, was a favorite place to wear boots, especially on the “mod” scene.

The M2 Chelsea boots by Stacy Adams gives off a completely western design with its detailed accents. Plus, you can get the M2 in 3 color types, including Cognac, Cognac Multi, and Navy-Cognac.

Looking for a simpler design? Taft’s Drake Boot in Grey is the perfect example of a typical Chelsea boot. It implies style and character in one simple design, making it ideal to utilize in smart-casual to business-casual ensembles.

Oxfords/Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes are stylish dress shoes that may be worn for any occasion. They come in a variety of styles. These shoes are a must-have item of footwear for every closet, especially a capsule wardrobe, because they can dress up or dress down a variety of outfits.

These traditional men’s dress shoes have a closed lacing system that is hidden inside the top part of the shoe. But traditional shoe has also changed and entered the world of women’s fashion.

Gabriele in Antique Blue Jean by Belvedere and Tarviso in Tobacco by Stacy Adams are great choices if you’re looking to get serious about collecting a variety of dress shoes. These shoes look sleek with their textured finish and go well with business casual outfits.

If you have a vintage-themed ensemble in mind, you might want to check out Samuel in Wine Safari by Belvedere. Its color and overall design complement warm color schemes and offer enough versatility to even be used in smart-casual ensembles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are sneakers still in style in 2022?

A few newbies are dominating the footwear market during autumn. It’s all about wearing expressive sneakers in 2022.

Neon color schemes, complex patterns, or slightly thick platforms are all eye-catching designs, implying expressiveness. But regardless of your taste, sneakers are always ready to be added to your apparel.

What kind of boots should I wear in autumn?

A pair of leather boots may truly elevate your appearance in autumn. Boots are generally easier to clean than other footwear types, no matter how dirty they get. They’re extremely versatile in terms of creating a new ensemble too.

Are ankle boots Still in Style in 2022?

In this generation, work boots or ankle boots are trendy. They go well with fitted pants, baggy pants, or even jeans, making these boots perfect for an all-year look.

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