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If you’ve ever wanted to wear a hat that was worn by one of the Beatles and by royalty, get yourself a Kangol.

Kangol is a fashion brand that designs a wide range of headwear. They’re best known for their bucket hats that have been worn by well-known people like Missy Elliot, Eminem, and even Princess Diana. Although its kangaroo logo suggests that Kangol is from Down Under, the brand is in fact from Britain.


What Are Kangol Hats?

Kangol has been in the headwear business since 1918. The man behind the brand, Jacques Spreiregen, started selling berets as post-war fashion wear, but he didn’t do it under the Kangol name until 1938. History has it that “Kangol” is a from the K in “knitting”, ANG in “angora”, and OL in “wool”.

The British brand continued to create hats and collaborate with other brands such as Pierre Cardin. The brand even created the caps for the British Airways crew.

In the 1980s, Kangol made its way to America, and their bucket hats were worn by rappers like LL Cool J. This skyrocketed Kangol’s popularity and soon, people including the Princess of Wales were seen wearing a Kangol.

Americans started to go around shops to ask for a “kangaroo hat”, so Kangol decided to add the kangaroo to its logo. Today, the British brand is well-known for its signature kangaroo logo that’s embroidered into the front of its baseball caps, bucket hats, and more.

What’s So Special About Kangol Hats?

From afar, Kangol hats look like regular hats. But if you look closely, you’ll be able to see that the brand’s hats are made from extremely soft materials. This is what makes Kangol stand out – their hats are crafted from Angora wool that’s blended with other fibers to create that one-of-a-kind texture.

Plus, Kangol incorporates stiff materials into their caps so that they retain their shape. This results in well-designed headwear that is stiff yet soft enough to be worn comfortably.

Why Wear a Kangol Hat?

Why is Kangol headwear so popular among Hollywood stars like Samuel L. Jackson? That answer is that Kangol knows how to create pieces that withstand the test of time. The brand’s “go-with-anything” headwear can be worn in any era, whether that’s in the 50s, 80s, or the 2000s. Fast-forward to twenty years from now, and you will still look fashion-forward wearing a Kangol.

Every time you wear a Kangol hat, you’ll be surrounded by a fashionable flair that says, “This is what true style should look like.” Not only will you be wearing a hat that’s highly coveted, but you can also show others that you’ve got taste.

No other brand can copy the craftsmanship of a Kangol, and by wearing it, you can show the world that you care about what you wear. You know that Kangol is the mark of a stylish modern-day man, and you aren’t afraid to add that flair to your outfits. People will see you as someone who’s put-together, but who’s brave enough to give cutting-edge fashion a go.

What Kinds of Hats Does Kangol Design?

Although best known for their bucket hats, Kangol designs a wide range of men’s headwear:

  • Berets. Berets like the Monty pay tribute to the original Kangol hats that Spreiregen designed in 1938. Once worn on the battlefield, these berets are now fashionable pieces that are perfect for any outfit.
  • Ivy Caps. Kangol’s ivy caps, particularly their 504s, are a popular type of cap that’s famous for being breathable, fashionable, and lightweight. As a flat cap, Kangol 504s are made completely from seamless wool. “504” is an ode to the block number where the caps were crafted for the first time.
  • Baseball Caps. Baseball caps by Kangol feature the Flexfit headband, which allows for more comfortable wear and fit.
  • Pull-On Hats. The knitted rib material gives Kangol’s beanies a flexible fit that comfortably wraps around your crown. The beanies are double-layered so you can stay warm all day.
  • Trapper Hats. Trapper hats are crafted from wool and lined with satin to keep your ears warm in wintry weather. For something more casual, go for earflaps such as 504 Earflap.
  • Army Caps. Also called a cadet hat, army caps such as the Cotton Twill Army Cap feature a flat top and a brim that’s a bit downturned. Army caps feature the patented Flexfit headband for a more comfortable fit.
  • Bucket Hats. Kangol is best known for its bucket hats like the Wool Casual Bucket Hat and the Stripe Casual Bucket Hat. Their bucket hats have been worn by hip-hop stars like Eminem, LL Cool J, and more. Kangol’s bucket hat design stands out for its soft, furry fabric that’s unlike the stiff structure you can find from other brands.

Find the Perfect Kangol Hat at Dapperfam

If you’re looking for something classic but still fashionable, your best bet is Kangol. Browse Dapperfam’s collection of Kangol caps to find one that’s perfect for you. We’ve put together every Kangol hat so that you can conveniently choose one that goes with your getup.