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Cadet Hats: Style Guide for Men

There is nothing much braver than confidently bridging a new look from the usual style to an expressive and bold new one. If you’re thinking of making a transition from...

There is nothing much braver than confidently bridging a new look from the usual style to an expressive and bold new one. If you’re thinking of making a transition from the ordinary baseball cap that you wear to a more stylish cadet hat, now is the time to try it while it is still hot.

Is there anything else you’d like to know about cadet hats? Let this guide fill you with all you need to know details about the trendy cap.

What Are Cadet Hats?

Since 2017, many fashion models like Bella Hadid inspired the achievable cadet hat looks. Not only do the models look stunning in their berets or military caps, but they also experimented with an everyday casual look that one should try out.

But since the hat is relatively new to the masses in terms of styling it with casual clothing, let’s start by knowing what cadet hats are.

Taken from its name, cadets wore them during their practice and training as a part of their uniform. These hats come in neutral colors and are often fitted in the owner’s head, and have a light, durable structure made out of twill or straw.

These hats often have different structures. They can be close enough to be seen as a military beret or a modern patrol cap, and others use military berets or military beret caps. But to be specific, the cadet hats have a rounded visor and a flat crown.

And since it has become appropriate for everyone’s clothing preference, you can see varieties of cadet hats in different colors and styles when you browse online.

A Brief History of Cadet Hats

How does a cadet hat come to be the cadet hat we know now? Of course, they are the hats worn by military men when they are in service, but did you know that this is only a replacement when they are not in combat?

Cadet hats go way back in the 18th or 19th century, usually sported by men who work in different fields, like how bowler hats came to be after being a formal hat.

Miners and railway workers in America used the derby hat. In contrast, bowler hats became the prominent style of the bankers in London. Still, cadet hats became an adamant military uniform in the 20th century.

Since the military started using it, the civilians also sampled the lightweight cap beginning in the 19th century. They often use it in their workplace, like when they sail the sea and face the sun’s harsh rays.

When the cadet hats are also featured in the media, the demand for the hats grows even more. In the film The Wild One, Marlon Brando’s character embellishes a peaked cap with his bomber jacket, pulling off the bad-boy rider look effortlessly.

Another influence that helped the cadets become more relevant to the public was when John Lennon started sporting one.

The Rising Trend of Cadet Hats

Aside from the vintage media influence, nowadays, cadet hats or military hats are commonly seen with women. Although the supermodels are strutting their stuff on the runway, men’s rugged and laid-back style is evident when they wear an excellent cadet hat.

Because the cadet hats are unisex if you don’t want to wear them alone, choose another cadet hat for your girlfriend or female companion. This cool look with cadet hats doesn’t have to feel extra like a fedora hat and not sit on your head as ordinary as baseball caps.

Many may have confused this hat with baseball caps, but the cadet hats offer the new users a refreshing option when they get sick of sticking to the usual.

Not only are there few people who chose to start discovering its sly look, but cadet hats are also the go-to when you look for extreme protection in the summer heat. These hats are the right choice because they also have a flat telescope crown that combines the feel of wearing a fedora; only the brim is a cap.

Clothing to Try and Match With Your Cadet Hat

It’s best to wear cadet hats to keep your head cool in the summer. This lightweight hat can give you enough protection in the sun while not being overbearing to the wearer.

So when you are looking forward to starting your summer with a new collection of cadet hats, you can try these suggested looks from DapperFam’s Cadet hat collection.

Cotton Twill Army Cap by Kangol

When you’re looking for a flexible and comfortable army cap, you should lean towards the best quality there is.

Kangol’s one of the most durable hat companies. Their Cotton Twill Army Cap serves you the neutral-colored cadet hat that you can combine with any of your button-up shirt or tank tops this summer.

This cap is also the perfect hat to wear when you’re planning to go on a road trip and set yourself up in a long drive with the windows down.

Legionnaire Leather Wool Cap by Bruno Capelo

If you’re not into twill and straw, you can also pick Bruno Capelo’s Legionnaire Wool Cap. This leather wool cap is the leather counterpart of their straw Legionnaire hat suitable for your summer getaways.

This hat could be your option when you want to bundle up during the fall and spring. It is your choice when you want to wear a hat. But it is also good to know that you got an adjustable seasonal hat in your closet.

Legionnaire Plaid Wool Cap by Bruno Capelo

If you’re in the mood of pulling off a playful look, try this legionnaire plaid army cap. Plaid stands out from the usual monotone colors, adding spice to the overall aesthetic of your outfit. This cadet hat is your option when you don’t want to sport a fedora, as it could instantly go well with your jacket and leather shoes.

The Final Say

Cadet hats are a great alternative to baseball caps and fedora hats when you feel like you need a break from the usual style.

Aside from its chance to give you an alternative, you can also enjoy it during summertime, where the hat is an essential addition to your outfit.

Embolden your fashion statement by buying a cadet hat now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are Cadet Hats In Style?

Yes, cadet hats are in style now, and the people are eating up the looks it serves. Whether you’re a newbie in getting a hat or not, you can appreciate its sharp and sophisticated style by venturing out into a good cadet hat.

How comfortable is a cadet hat?

Cadet hats are incredibly comfortable as it is often made out of cotton or twill. Moreover, these hats are also lightweight in the head.

Can I wear cadet hats during winter?

Even though cadet hats are preferably worn in summer, some cadet hats sit well with the winter season, like the ones made out of leather and wool.

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