The Homburg hat originated as hunting headgear. The hat was originally popularized by King Edward VII as he was seen on several occasions... wearing this hat while alternating the use of a boater hat and bowler hat. Legend has it that he first donned the hat publically after visiting Bad Homburg, a German town with a renowned hat factory at that time. Adding to the visibility of Homburg hats was the former UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who was photographed wearing it for numerous occasions. More recently Al Pacino brought the Homburg back into the limelight while wearing it in the film "The Godfather". This is the reason you might have heard of Homburgs referred to as Godfather hats. Often seen in a gray or black color, Homburg hats are associated with formal and informal use. Its most defining characteristic is a single and long-running dent on the center of the hat, which is identified as the gutter crown. A traditional Homburg hat dons a flat brim shaped with a pencil curl, a hatband ribbon, and a trim on the edge of the brim. Our Homburg Hats are made with extreme pride in craftsmanship and durability that will last you for many years to come. If you want to add Homburg hats to your personal hatwear collection, check out our extensive selection of hats suited to your preferences today!