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Rising as one of the best headwear brands in the market, Bruno Capelo is known for its fine wool felt hats designed in all shapes and styles. Beyond its aesthetic and style, Bruno Capelo hats also significantly affirm your attitude, belonging, and character. It's a statement fashion piece. Wearing one is like carrying a symbol of elegance.

Merging the classic dapper chic of the old days with the modern gentleman finesse today, Bruno Capelo shows excellent promise for many years to come, helping you put your best fashion foot forward at a valuable worth.

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DapperFam features a vast collection of modern and classic Bruno Capelo hats to ensure the quality and value of your headwear choices.

Each piece of headgear comes in diverse stylesfrom fedora hats, boaters, legionnaire caps, homburgs, pork pies to baseball caps. Along with the different hat shapes, Bruno Capelo hats also offer many patterns and texture options.

They are made from either leather, straw, wool, or a combination of each material, but the material of choice when buying a Bruno Capelo hat is fine Australian wool felt. You'll even find that the texture is extra smooth on some hats since it uses a specially treated Australian wool.

Color Choices in Bruno Capelo Hats

Aside from hat shapes and styles, you'll be amazed at the variety of colors offered by Bruno Capelo.

Each hat comes in almost every color that one could imagine. There are neutral colors such as white, black, gray, cream, beige, or taupe for a classic and extravagant look.

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