A pork pie hat comes with a distinct crease around the rim of the crown and a particularly short brim. Gaining popularity in the 19th century, this hat ironically resembled a pork pie dish like one would see on nearly every local English baker's window.... As history passed by, there were several historical modifications of the pork pie. The first one was from 1830 up to the American Civil War. At that time, a pork pie hat was worn with feathers and a bow. In the 1920s, silent movie actor Buster Keaton popularized the pork pie hat by wearing it in his films. The pork pie made a comeback throughout the 1930s-1950s and has more recently etched it's spot in the hipster fashion trend. Let your fashion ensemble stand the test of time as you walk the streets with a Pork pie Hat. Check out our wide selection of Pork Pie Hats to complete your outfit today!