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How to Pair Dress Shoes with Jeans

Going outside and meeting your friends and family for dinner or simply just hanging out can still make you wish you have the right combination of shoes and clothing. After...

Going outside and meeting your friends and family for dinner or simply just hanging out can still make you wish you have the right combination of shoes and clothing. After all, looking stylish can turn many heads, making you the highlight of the night.

However, have you ever tried to wear dress shoes apart from your already exhausted sneakers? Yes, you can pair dress shoes with jeans without having any complications. That is if you correctly matched the right dress shoes with the jeans that you have.

What Are Dress Shoes?

By basic definition, dress shoes are any other type of shoes with more elaborate features than sneakers. We can see many sneaker wearers everywhere. Sometimes, seeing it quite often can be exhausting to look at, especially if they are not well-matched with their outfit.

Dress shoes are opting for a more formal look but these types of shoes are more flexible in terms of outfit appropriation than sneakers.

Do you dare to wear sneakers with your suit in a black-tie event? Maybe, if you are cool with committing fashion suicide.

There is now a massive variety of options for people who want to wear dress shoes with jeans. Not only can they look stylish and completely comfortable with their clothing, but they also think that investing in a stylish pair of shoes is a great thing. It will help you with your wardrobe selection without spending too much money.

How to Wear Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are stylish and a hundred percent comfortable. Men need to accessorize themselves with a shoe that emphasizes their sense of fashion and personality.

Jeans and dress shoes may become challenging to pull off. But choosing to be confident in your dress shoes and casual style clothing will be enough to radiate charm that no one can deny.

Typically, men wore these shoes on formal events, but it has become widely accessible to any occasion. Shoes like brogues, oxfords, derby and even men’s boots are good with jeans.

Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes are well-known for their resemblance to formal wear. It has a single seam and is made primarily of leather. It also looks great with jeans, especially if you want a sophisticated look near formal attire.

Derby Shoes

If you’re going to wear a Kentucky Derby hat and derby shoes, you can undoubtedly combine them with jeans. The shoes are suitable for casual style with a western flair that you can wear at any time of year.

Brogue Shoes

Brogue shoes are great for those who want to trek and go on an adventure that includes water. You can see that these shoes’ main feature is the perforation that you can find in the shoes, whether you want it heavily perforated or not. The more holes in the shoes you choose will go for a more casual tone than those with lesser ones.


Loafers are great on jeans, whether you’re using the leather one or the canvas. These shoes are handy for your summer outfits like jeans and a tank top with a straw hat sitting above your head. Canvas loafers are savvier than leather ones because it’s costly and efficient with greater comfort.

And if you’re looking for the ones which are also suitable for any weather, you can always choose the boots that greatly complement your jeans.

The Boots

One of the best pairings of your dress shoes with jeans is durable boots like Chelsea, chukka, and even dress boots. You can wear them in a casual business setting or chilly weather.

How to Find the Right Pair of Jeans

Wearing a pair of jeans is one of the casual outfits you can achieve, along with your shirt or tank top, depending on whatever look you’re aiming to project.

Most of the jeans have different colors and sizes, and these two have a significant role in choosing the dress shoes you’re going to pick. The casual outfit has many red flags to look out for when you pair it with your selected shoes. Things such as length, color, and even belt to wear can affect your styling. Curious to find out why?

The Length of your jeans

Have you ever encountered a chance your jeans are falling on the ground because it goes past your toes? It’s because you don’t have the appropriate length of jeans for your body.

When you try out your jeans, you should look for jeans that have the right fit for your leg and just the right height before it goes past your shoes.

Moreover, it will undoubtedly look bad if your jeans are too big for you. Think, for instance, if you have your jeans shorter than your waistline? It would look awkward if you try to tuck your shirt inside. Always go for the right fit because everything else that is too much or lesser is terrible for pairing dress shoes with jeans.


It is always terrible to have mismatched colors in every single aspect of life. It would be best to always look for its best appearance in your jeans because you wouldn’t want the color to stand out more than you do.

You can always select darker jeans, but you should remember that your brown shoes and black jeans don’t match. Instead, try going for blue jeans and brown shoes.

Wearing a Belt in Dress Shoes With Jeans

If you are looking forward to emphasizing how you style yourself, you should have a color-coordinated belt and dress shoes. Unlike the jeans themselves, you should match the color of the shoes and the belt.

And if you happen not to have the same shade of your shoes, you can always look for an alternative that has a closer tone to your shoes.

With these considerations in mind, you can now carry out your plan to wear your dress shoes with jeans to a casual meeting with friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I still need to wear socks?

Yes, this is for your comfort and hygiene reasons. While some usually wear a sockless dress shoe, you can still achieve this look by wearing slip-on paddings.

When wearing dress shoes with my jeans, should I pair the colors or not?

You should not pair the colors of your jeans and shoes. Instead, contrast them like brown dress shoes and blue jeans.

Who are some famous people who match their dress shoes with their jeans?

Celebrities like Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, and even Obama wear it.

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