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Is Fedora Making a Comeback?

Is Fedora Making a Comeback? What is a Fedora? When Did the Fedora Become Fashionable? Why Did Fedora Go Out of Style? The Hats That Took Over The Reason Why...

Fedora hats are setting the trend again lately, and this time, it has never been better. With social media looking for the next best thing to fancy over, is this the best time to invest in a fedora? Or are they just a returning fashion fad?

What is a Fedora?

Who could easily miss the soft-brimmed hat with an indented crown? For sure, you have seen many hats, but the distinctive style of a fedora is the one that has a pinched-like look in front and the sides.

This type of hat uses wool or cashmere as its material. Animal skin brings out a different texture that suits well for winter wear. Some users also pick the hats with straw, cotton, or linen materials for their summer getaway outfit.

When Did the Fedora Become Fashionable?

Fedora hats have many descriptions to be said. Usually, they are timeless pieces of designer headwear that nobody can deny. Both men and women can wear them, but usually, they fall in love with the flexibility of the hat in their clothing style.

Sarah Bernhardt had an outstanding performance as Princess Fedora in Victorien Sardou’s play. The actress sports the fedora in the play and the trend of wearing fedora hats for ladies grew in popularity after that. Then, Prince Edward of Britain was the first to introduce the fashion statement to men.

Why Did Fedora Go Out of Style?

Even though the hat appeals most to consumers, the hat’s appearance has diminished. Has it stopped existing in the market? What are the reasons why the fedoras went out of style?

Pretty much like how the fedora replaced the hard-shelled hats also known as the bowler hats, the fedoras were no longer seen as a daily necessity for men when the industry introduced the cars. Men no longer need hats due to less exposure to the sun.

Besides, it is also associated with the attitudes of the group who wears them. Those who often wear fedora have been in groups, like gangsters and thugs in the United States during the prohibition era.

Al Capone was one of the famous individuals who donned the hat. The next ones are Charles Luciano (otherwise known as Lucky) and Benjamin Siegel (a.k.a Bugsy). The fedora that sits on top of these people’s heads distinguishes them from the rest of society, which gives them authority in their gang.

The Hats That Took Over

As time went by, the fedora’s popularity died down, and other types of hats rose to their fame.

The most popular hats that claimed the fedora hat’s spot in the market are the baseball caps and cowboy hats.

Cowboy Hats

The westerners took quite a fascination over the cowboy hats. Leather boots and a pair of rugged jeans that aren’t too posh for outdoor labor activities go well with this headwear.

Cowboy hats offer more sun protection with a much wider brim than the fedora. Moreover, it does not easily deform, which is suitable enough for horseback riding activities.

One of the most popular brands to look out for when buying a cowboy hat is the Stetson Hat. This brand pioneered making cowboy hats with incredible fur felts.

Baseball Caps

The baseball cap is the next hat you’ll see on the streets, and it’s relatively common. It has a devoted following among men’s headwear, regardless of where you live in the country.

They can be worn in casual wear, fitting snugly on the head of both men and women. Even though it is holding just right, some baseball caps are adjustable enough, like snapbacks. If snapbacks are not your thing, you can always get the fitted hat.

However, there is a downside to wearing baseball caps. It is not easy to wear this hat without looking like a teenager who wants something to cover their head. The hat also has a proper way, etiquette if you may, to follow if you’re going to get it right.

The baseball cap that you can try to pick if you want to buy one should go with an excellent quality like Kangol. You can browse more baseball caps at to see a large category of baseball caps waiting for you to check out.

The Reason Why It Comes Back

As retro fashion rolls back in style, the fedora surely knows how to make its entrance. True enough, the hat keeps serving the looks that make you want to own one because of pop culture and the people who are inclined to make a statement out of it.

Fedora and the Pop Culture

Ever since the start, the fedora has had a strong appeal to audiences. Even at the very beginning, the play of Victorien Sardou has impacted society with the portrayal of Princess Fedora (played by Sarah Bernhardt).

The influence of the characters like Rick (played by Humphrey Bogart) in Casablanca and Indiana Jones started the bridge of its comeback, and it was enhanced in the television series, too. To name a few shows where you can see the hat were The Crown, Boardwalk Empire, and even Mad Men.

Aside from films and television, popular icons in the music industry also crown their heads with a fedora—musicians like Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Usher, and Justin Bieber. The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, effortlessly wears the hat in some of his music videos to top them all.

Final Thoughts

Is fedora making a comeback? It certainly does.

It has been silent for quite some time because of the emergence of new types of hats like cowboy hats and baseball caps. However, the casual yet sophisticated hat continues to rock the masculine look because of pop culture.

You can achieve the fedora’s ageless elegance by investing in a decent fedora hat that fits your facial shape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can you still wear a fedora?

Yes, wearing a fedora is still great. You can choose many fedora styles, like straw fedoras, trilby fedoras, and even pork pie hats. To know more about the different types of this hat, you can read more about them by clicking on this guide.

Why did fedoras go out of style?

It went out of style because of the image that it portrays in society. Al Capone and the gangsters marked the style, making it almost inaccessible to people who want to try it out. Moreover, the emergence of cars made it seem like wearing hats is no longer necessary.

What should I wear with a fedora?

Fedoras are a little bit more flexible when it comes to dressing code. You can pair it with jeans and a stylish blazer.

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