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The 4 Best Ladies Wide-Brim Hats You Can Wear for Every Season

Any woman who is in love with aesthetics and fashion knows how a good hat can spice up a rather average outfit. The moment you step out of your door...

Any woman who is in love with aesthetics and fashion knows how a good hat can spice up a rather average outfit. The moment you step out of your door is your chance to emanate your style.

Wide brim hats are every woman’s secret ingredient that not only keeps you protected from the sun but also adds up to your classiness. The classic fedoras, Panama hats, and even women cowboy hats do the magic of combining the ability to keep you warm during the winter while still being in-style.

Dapperfam’s selection of wide brim hats has a great variety that suits however you style yourself for any season.

Read further to learn more about the four best ladies wide brim hats you can wear for every season and occasion.

Wide Brim Hats You Should Check Out

Mix and match your way to a creative and unique new style with these women’s wide brim hats. Here are they:

Fedora Hat

The classic fedora hats make a comeback to sway the trends its way and you would not regret adding a wide brim wool felt fedora to your collection. A soft brim, indented crown and creased center make the perfect fashion combination making these hats versatile and easy to style. Pairing with a chic top and casual shorts, fedoras create a breeze that’s perfect for spring and summer. You can also wear it with a knitted long sleeve during cooler weather.

Cloche Hat

The French always had a good sense of design, and cloche hats are one good proof of that. This close fit, bell-shaped hat got its name from the French word cloche that means “bell.” Typically made of wool, these wide brim hats undeniably display sophistication that make you feel a little more ladylike. A vintage look used to accentuate cloche hats the most, but they evolved to become more flexible with crochet cloche hats and straw cloche hats that are perfect for the summertime.

Panama Hat

Panama hats are no longer your seasonal summertime hats. These straw hats are made from a lightweight toquilla palm that’s handwoven in Ecuador, which can keep your head protected from strong heat waves in both the summer and winter. A fashion-forward woman like you would recognize that these Panamas worn with jeans and a tee-shirt are just as fabulous looking as when paired with a formal attire.

Choosing a Panama hat that suits you is a little tricky, so we’ve put together a variety of Panamas available in different colors and sizes that can be worn by different face shapes.

Floppy Hat

An all-year-round fashion must-have and a staple for the most chic summer look; floppy straw hats, which are renowned as summertime hats, come with unformed crowns and a noticeably drooping brim that is at least 3 inches and are made to complement any beach outfit but the ones made from wool get you ready for a flashy winter or fall look, too.

Tips for Choosing Your Next Wide Brim Hat for Women

Here are some things you need to consider when it comes to selecting the perfect ladies’ wide brim hat for you:

  • Revisit the hat anatomy. Believe it or not, familiarizing yourself with the parts of a hat gets you one step closer to the hat of your dreams. With ladies wide brim hats, it’s best to know what style you desire: is the crown creased? Do you fancy wider brims or unique under brims? Do you have material preferences?
  • Know your size and face shape. You wouldn’t wear a hat that doesn’t fit your head, so never purchase a hat merely for its design unless you want it to get stocked up as a display. Additionally, if you have been wearing hats for a while now, you might have heard that the first trick to finding the perfect hat is to know your face shape. For example, people with square-shaped faces tend not to be as compatible with floppy hats as with oval-shaped faces.
  • Learn how to maintain it. Choose a hat you know how to clean and keep in good shape. Each hat is your wardrobe investment, and it’s always best to be able to use them to the best of their potential.
  • Flatter your face. As a woman, we wear hats to accentuate our style but not at the cost of it stealing the stage for you. When you look in the mirror and feel like your hat is the star of your whole outfit rather than you, say no to it.

The Takeaway

It’s about time you revamp your wardrobe. Each hat gives you an opportunity to express your personality. Channel the confident, stylish, and eye-catching you as you make these hats your fashion statement, and you will never regret the glow-up.

Ladies’ wide brim hats do not have a season if you know how to style them. Aside from their role as fabulous outfit add-ons, you can never go wrong with wearing them if you just want to stay protected against the sun or air pollutants when you go out. Browse our collection of women’s wide brim hats to discover more hats that can help you define your style today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How should a woman’s hat fit?

To find the perfect hat fit for women, simply measure your head circumference at the center of your forehead (located on the upper part and about 1 inch from your ears).

What is the average hat size for women?

An average head size of a woman is about 57 cm. Hence, a small to medium-sized hat would be made to fit the measurement and can be adjusted down to 55 cm.

Can you bend your hat brim?

Yes. You can bend your hat brim if you want to curve it more or make it flatter instead. To get a classic look, wrap it around a baseball with a rubber band.

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