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Top 5 Summer Accessories Men Should Own

Summer brings the heat and with it the chance to pursue the more casual aspect of traditional clothing. The scorching outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t look good. Summer Accessories Men...

Summer brings the heat and with it the chance to pursue the more casual aspect of traditional clothing. The scorching outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t look good.

Simultaneously, there are methods to appear attractive without overheating, and today, you’ll be learning about various summer accessories men should own.

1. Belt

A woven or cloth belt is one of the more casual belt alternatives available, and as a result, they are ideal for summer’s laid-back atmosphere. Boat shoes, shorts, and other summer-style apparel benefit from woven leather or fabric belts.

Of course, the traditional guideline is to match your men’s belt to your footwear, but in the summertime, you can get a bit more creative using vivid but matching colors.

It makes your outfit seem more relaxed and is very summery. The contrast is intentional; if you don’t want to wear colored belts to work, a plain-woven leather belt will suffice.

Your formal belts will most likely appear oddly looped over a pair of jeans. Instead, you want to wear a belt that’s a little rougher in appearance for off-duty ensembles incorporating your summer attire. It’s a basic accessory coordination guideline that will never let you down when getting ready for the summer heat.

2. Linen Accessories

The traditional summer fabric is linen. Why? It creases casually due to the open weave, and the threads themselves can be slightly uneven, making it all the more informal, which is perfectly suited for summer.

Additionally, it is typically light. The more you use and wash it, the softer it becomes, making it quite comfy. Although some may say it seems untidy, the way it wrinkles is a natural element of the material and a desirable side effect, unlike cotton or wool suits.

If the weather is hot, a linen pocket square is an option. A pocket square is a little piece of cloth that securely fits your jacket’s breast pocket, allowing a tasteful touch of fabric to pop out to add aesthetic appeal.

It only takes a few seconds to fold one, yet it completely transforms your appearance. A white linen pocket square is a timeless classic. Of course, its edges should be hand-rolled to fold a crown or whatever else to show that this is a genuine artisan’s work.

While the white linen pocket square is highly adaptable for business suits, black ties, black shoes, and summer apparel, adding a splash of color to your linen pocket squares is also fun.

3. Lightweight Ties

Neckties and bow ties for summer attires should ideally be made of lightweight materials, like pure linen, linen mixes, or silk. A white weave or weft color is frequently mixed with a different hue in linen ties.

As a result, instead of a dark color tone that would be more appropriate for the colder weather, you can use a bright, summery tone with a smart-casual vibe.

Ties in soft pastel hues like olive green, orange, pink, or sky blue are ideal. They blend in nicely when you pair such ties with a lighter-colored jacket and shirt. However, in the winter, they will be too noticeable.

Knit ties are the most effective method to add depth to your summer ensemble. Knitted silk, unlike other tie materials, is often exclusively used in menswear, and it’s incredibly rigid and unique.

But if you only want to buy one or two ties for the summer, getting knit ties is recommended. Why? The open structure, like belts, is simply more informal and breezy and adds dimension to your look, which is especially true if you choose a mottled knit tie with varied color tones instead of a solid knit tie.

4. Boutonniere

Because boutonnieres are unique, they’re one of the finest ways to gain praise. But, unfortunately, most people don’t wear them. Wear a boutonniere if you can find a lovely, summery flower and have it prepared.

Natural flowers, on the other hand, are not without flaws; they may contain pollen or stick up too straight through the buttonhole. And when it’s really hot, they will wilt and appear miserable at the end of the day.

5. Panama Hat

Despite its name, this hat type originates in Ecuador, where it is still fashioned using many of the same traditional methods. A finely knitted hat like this can be found nowhere else on the planet. On the interior, most Panama hats include a black hat band and a leather sweatband.

To reduce perspiration, we recommend replacing the leather sweatband with a cloth sweatband. Also, change the color of the outer band for a new look if you wear a lot of brown shoes.

Consider acquiring a straw pork pie hat if you already own a Panama hat and enjoy wearing hats. They’re commonly made of colored or dark brown coconut straw and feature a bright hatband.

People like Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby were big fans of straw pork pies in the 1950s and 1960s. You might even be able to pull off a boater hat if you’re into the 1920s and 1930s fashion.

Bonus: Sunglasses

An excellent pair of sunglasses with a classic design, sunglasses are a must-have in the summer, but picking the correct model for a traditional outfit that isn’t dull or generic may be difficult.

Because of the intense heat and glare, dark frames in black or dark tortoiseshell may appear excessively dark and clash with the lighter color scheme of summer attire.

Gold or silver framed aviators are a safe pick if you like sports or a sporty style. Wayfarer designs are classic selections.

You may choose the classic Ray-Bans or lighter acetate variants like gold or honey, which go nicely with summer’s warmer tones. A pair of Clubmasters is definitely perfect for your wardrobe if you prefer the mid-century modern look of the 1950s and 1960s.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What should guys wear in summer?

Three elements are essential for a great summer wardrobe: breathable materials, light/bright colors, and an airy, relaxed fit. Cotton, linen, and light tropical wools are examples of such fabrics.

Is it OK to wear hoodies in the summer?

In the summer, a hoodie is an excellent additional layer. A hoodie might be justified by a midnight cold or even too much air conditioning. Choose a zippered style and pair it with a tank top.

This style is perfect for all summer casual wear when paired with blue jeans or denim shorts. When wearing the hoodie outside, remember that you don’t want to overheat.

Which shirt color is best worn during summer?

We recommend wearing a white shirt in summer. This is because white color reflects white light, which is made up of all of the visible colors. Therefore, a white shirt (or jeans) will reflect most of the light and will not become heated.

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