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Luxe Leather Shoe Care Kit

DapperFam Luxe Leather Shoe Care Kit in DapperFam Luxe Leather Shoe Care Kit in
DapperFam Luxe Leather Shoe Care Kit in DapperFam Luxe Leather Shoe Care Kit in
DapperFam Luxe Leather Shoe Care Kit in DapperFam Luxe Leather Shoe Care Kit in
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Luxe Leather Shoe Care Kit


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We're excited to announce the arrival of the DAPPERFAM Shoe Care Kit. We know the importance of maintaining the quality of designer shoes, which is why we have included everything you need to keep them in great condition.

Each kit is carefully curated to include the following essentials:

  • Horsehair Brush: This all-purpose tool is perfect for dusting off leather shoes and boots after wear to maintain healthy leather. We recommend using it to buff in the DAPPERFAM shoe cream once it has sufficiently absorbed into the leather to add a nice shine.

  • Buffing Cloth: Use this cloth in conjunction with the horsehair brush to buff the shoe cream once it has absorbed. It can be used after brushing for added shine.

  • Applicator Dauber: Apply the DAPPERFAM shoe cream in small amounts to the leather using this dauber. We recommend dipping just a little bit in the cream at a time, and spreading it evenly over the leather.

  • Neutral Shoe Cream: Revitalize your worn shoes with our neutral shoe cream. Use it when leather is looking dry or dull, applied with the dauber. Let it absorb and dry for at least 15 minutes. The leather will look cloudy as the waxes dry, then simply buff the waxes into a shine with a horsehair brush.

At DAPPERFAM, we understand the importance of caring for your designer shoes, and we are confident that our Shoe Care Kits will help you keep them in pristine condition for years to come.

  • one (1) jar of natural leather cream
  • one (1) 100% cotton polishing cloth
  • two (2) small round applicator daubers
  • two (2) large horsehair brushes
  • instructions
  • 100% manufactured in Italy

This shoe care kit is designed for "soft" leathers like Box Calf, Polished Calf, etc. For nubuck / suede leathers, please see our Suede Shoe Care Kit.


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