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Dress hats are a bold choice for the modern-day man. If you wear the wrong dress hat, you’ll look like you’re on your way to a themed party. But if you wear a well-made hat from a brand that every hat enthusiast knows of, you’ll be the envy of all. That’s why you should always wear a dress hat from a brand that people can recognize at first glance, such as Steven Land.


What Are Steven Land Hats?

In 1986, an Israeli man named Steven Landman arrived in America to sell ties. His brother had opened a haberdashery, but Landman wasn’t satisfied with his brother’s ties. Soon, he opened his own tie shop “The Tie Gallery”, where he sold ties that were made from women’s fabrics. His ties weren’t your regular ties – their designs were bold, wild, and borderline whimsical, but that’s exactly why they worked. The ties were statement pieces on their own.

Eventually, Landman established the brand “Steven Land” and even got Swarovski to agree to let Steven Land (and only Steven Land) use their crystals in their neckties!

To this day, the brand is best known for its one-of-a-kind ties – their pattern can be seen on the brand’s dress hats, as well. In case you didn’t know, dress hats are a kind of headwear with a ribbon that wraps around the base of the crown. Oftentimes, the hat comes with feather decoration. Since fabrics are Steven Land’s specialty, it makes sense that they’d “decorate” their hats with bold colors, ribbons, etc. too.

What Steven Land Hat Should You Wear?

At Dapperfam, you can find several Steven Land hats that suit your style. First off is the fedora, a small-brim hat that is “pinched” at the top part. Fedoras often feature a ribbon (also called a hatband) that wraps around their body, such as the Jacob and the Parker. Fedoras are a perfect choice if you want to appear more refined yet still casual – or the other way around! Pair it with a plain t-shirt so you don’t look too basic, or wear it with a suit to look more laid-back.

What Are Steven Land Hats Made of?

Here at Dapperfam, our collection of Steven Land is crafted from fine materials, such as straw and wool, that can elevate your outfit. If you’re torn between the two, don’t worry – we’re here to help you choose the perfect type of hat for your outfit.

Steven Land Straw Hats

For a sunny day out, wear a straw hat. Straw hats are meant to be breathable, so you can comfortably wear the hat for the whole day. They’re also more informal, so if you want to look casual yet still classy, choose headwear that’s made from premium Panama straw. And while you obviously wouldn’t wear it to a black-tie event, it can still be worn with formal wear. As a rule of thumb, you can wear a straw hat to formal events if the venue is outdoors.

Want your ensemble to be memorable? Your best bet is a timeless fedora hat. When you show up in this straw hat, you will surely stand out. Straw hats typically come in one color, but if you show up in a two-toned straw hat, you’ll be the best-dressed man in the whole room.

Why Wear a Steven Land Dress Hat?

If you’re wondering why you should wear a dress hat in the 21st century, the answer is, “Why not?”. These days, you don’t need to attend a formal event to wear a dress hat, as it can be worn as an accessory for your day-to-day outfit.

Let’s say you're wearing a regular tee but you think you look too boring. You don’t want to throw on an embellished suit, either, so what do you do? You wear a quality dress hat with a wrap-around ribbon in a unique pattern. That way, you can draw people’s attention to your crown, which is now the focal point of your outfit.

Shop For Steven Land Hats at Dapperfam

When you wear a Steven Land hat, people will know that you’re wearing a Steven Land hat – that’s because the brand’s designs are so distinct. Whether you want a wool hat with feathers or a straw hat with a subtle ribbon, at Dapperfam, you’ll find several well-designed hats by the brand Steven Land. Browse our collection to find the perfect hat for you.