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Dress hats are back in the game and this time, they're taking over. New, cutting edge looks seem to show up on social media daily. Fortunately this means that the dress hat has seen a resurgence in demand in recent years - something our ...fathers and grandfathers would appreciate no doubt. Invest in your high-quality hat that will last for years so that you can share your vintage collection with future generations as well. Simply put, "dress hats" are versatile in that they're perfect for most occasions. No longer are they reserved for formal occasions or formal wear. You can wear them almost anywhere. But knowing which type is best for you can make a huge difference on whether you can truly embrace the look. The goal for any hatter worth their salt should be in helping to find the perfect centerpiece to your outfit. Our mutual goal is to help guide you towards the hat that best speaks to you, allows you to embrace, or "own the look". There are several hat styles that you can try, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned hat enthusiast who simply wants to expand their collection.

As previously mentioned, there are numerous styles, shapes, sizes, colors, and purposes of hats to choose from. We often like to start categorizing hats by their season - and thus their material composition. When it comes to summer dress hats for men, straw hats are generally your best bet. Straw comes in a variety of forms and in the case of panama hats, ‘grades’ of weave. Styles include (but aren’t limited to) fedoras, boater hats, gambler hats, baseball caps, flat caps, and bucket hats. Beyond the obvious comfort you’ll appreciate from the additional shade cast by your brim, many summer straw hats also provide UV protection to help shield and prevent the Sun’s ability to damage your hair and skin through its ultraviolet radiation. If you're going boating, consider wearing a wide-brimmed hat like an outdoor hat, panama hat, or gambler hat to keep the sun off your face. They have a lighter structure that can help you regulate your body's ventilation. Also consider wearing a ventilated straw hat that will allow your crown to ‘breath’, improving comfort. However, when it comes to formal events like parties and business meetings, fedora hats, pork pie hats, top hats, and derby hats (otherwise known as bowlers) are the best options. These hats will compliment your suit and tie and will help set you and your look apart.


Investing in dress hats is beneficial in that you can use this “accessory” to enhance your appearance and sense of style. It should be noted that everyone has a pair of shoes, but not everyone has a nice hat. So stay ahead of the curve and prepare for the compliments to flow, while you stand out from the crowd. In recent years, popular opinion has seen a shift away from hats as an often overlooked fashion accessory towards headwear becoming an “absolute necessity” for a sophisticated man's wardrobe - alongside quality watches and eyewear.


Buying mens dress hats can be a tedious process. Not only does your new brim have to fit your style and wardrobe, it must also fit your head! Comfortably. And since we live in a world where the best looks appear online first, you need to make sure that the place you're visiting is trusted by many and is not simply an online vending machine. DapperFam is a proud small family owned operation that is 3 generations in the making. We're here for the long-haul and will be with you every step of the way. DapperFam has a wide range of dress hats you can choose from no matter the season, occasion, or your location. DapperFam offers different brands and styles to choose from; from legendary hatmakers such as Stetson, Dobbs, Biltmore, and Bailey Hats, to up and coming trendsetters such as Bruno Capelo and Stacy Adams. DapperFam offers hats made by hand in America, as well as abroad. Hand-made panama hats often hail from the country of Ecuador for instance. The brands we carry, just like our name, represent quality and trust when it comes to materials, beauty, and craftsmanship. So, choose the color of the next hat you plan to add to your collection, find your preferred size, and trust that we’ll take care of you from beginning to end. At DapperFam, we know that donning a fresh hat is one of the most powerful ways to separate you from the pack and we’re committed to helping you find your next casual or sophisticated look with ease. We’ll be with you every step of the way - now it’s time to choose which direction your wardrobe will be headed.