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3 Best Ostrich Shoes For Men

One of the biggest contenders of the alligator amongst the other kinds of men’s exotic skin shoes is the ostrich. Out of all the beautiful and intricately made textures offered...

One of the biggest contenders of the alligator amongst the other kinds of men’s exotic skin shoes is the ostrich. Out of all the beautiful and intricately made textures offered by exotic skins, this bird skin stands out with their one of a kind style. With ostrich shoes, you can indeed emphasize your exquisite taste in men’s footwear.

What are the ostrich shoes you need to try? Here are the best three options.

1. Genuine Ostrich Leg Oxfords

Are you looking for a good pair of oxfords to buy for an upcoming formal social gathering? Or are you building up a classic collection of oxfords that may become handy when you need them? Maybe getting a genuine ostrich leg oxfords from Belvedere is the new spice your wardrobe needs!

Oxfords are known for their incomparable edge and class. When you think that oxfords are already at the epitome of their designs, you have not yet seen the ostrich skin details that make it highly appealing to the eyes.

Constructed entirely of beautiful and well-built ostrich skin gathered from the wild ostriches of Africa, this pair of exotic skin shoes are a refreshing change from the scale patterns found in most other types of exotic skin footwear.

The scales can catch all the attention of the design of your shoes, but with ostrich leg skin, you would only see the delicate pores that make up its body. Additionally, these oxfords bring out a refined and luxurious style that captures the essence of formality that your dress code needs to adhere to.

Curious to see what should you pick? Here are the top three genuine ostrich oxford shoes by Belvedere that you should try:


Siena oxfords come with the moc toe structure that covers your ankle with the elegantly ribbed-like ostrich leg skin. This collection comes in black, burgundy, burned amber, and navy blue colors that could seamlessly fit into any of your suits and tie occasions!


If you’re not a fan of the scaly oxford design, you will fall in love with the Nome collection. These shoes are polished with the texture of ostrich and eel dress oxfords. They come in eye-catchy solid colors like red, chocolate, and black.


Onesto’s design originates from the ostrich’s quill and crocodile skin texture. The stunning hole marks coupled with the crocodile’s refined pattern are indeed not the ones you’d usually see in the typical men’s dressing game. Getting a pair of Onesto II will surely bring you a sense of pride because of its style and uniqueness.

2. Genuine Ostrich Loafers

For a more flexible choice, loafers are suitable ostrich men’s exotic skin shoes for you. When ostrich skin meets loafers, it doubtlessly demonstrates the statement “luxury meets comfort.” The reason is that these loafers give you a more casual and convenient way of clothing.

The easy-to-wear loafers are almost accessible to almost all dress codes, except for the formal ones. You can pull up the sharp dinner date look with your neutral-hued blazer and slacks paired with stylish genuine ostrich loafers. Other than that, you can also use the shoes in casual business situations like going out for a chat with your officemates or attending a job interview.

Are you having trouble picking one? Here are the top three genuine ostrich loafers shoes by Belvedere that you should try:


The best option where you should bet your money on is with the pair of the sleek Josh ostrich loafers by Belvedere.

This loafer comes in a monk strap style with multiple colors to choose from. Depending on how formal the shoes should be, you can pick the one that comes in white, gray, brown, or black color.

The colors can dictate how casual or formal your overall ensemble is. Fortunately, you have many options for choosing the best ostrich skin loafers that resonate with you.

Pietro and Gavino

Made from calfskin and ostrich, the Gavino and Pietro loafers are the choices you can choose from. Each design has a distinct style, mainly how the shoes are structured.

Gavino has a closed tongue structure, with two royal blue and black colors to choose from. This design is perfect for a sleek with precision to the minimalistic style you’re going for.

But if you’re more into showing some skin, Pietro is the one for you. This design comes in wine and blue safari, excellent for night-outs and outdoor activities.


This collection combines the genuine caiman and ostrich men’s exotic skin shoe combination. Caiman exotic skin shows an excellent pattern with an intricate scale. In terms of how it feels when you wear them, the softness of the ostrich skin combines with the prior texture.

With Natale, you can get both feels of using ostrich and caiman textured shoes simultaneously. The shoes come in three colors: black, brandy or navy.

3. Genuine Ostrich Sneakers

Belvedere shoes are known for their durable and high-quality shoes, and they continue to give each user a more comfortable yet sporty style in shoes. For that reason, Belvedere expands their designs to cater to the needs of sneaker-crazed customers. These men’s sneakers are indeed attention-grabbing men’s exotic skin shoes, with a touch of luxury despite being casual.

Here are the top three ostrich sneakers that you should try:


Bene sneaker comes in black and white colors. This sneaker is made of ostrich and soft calfskin, bringing you utmost comfort in each step.


A different kind of comfort is found with the Todd ostrich sneaker collection. Aside from the premier ostrich skin, a flexible bubble sole works to elevate your game from the usual rubber soles you get from sneakers.

George in Multicolor

When you’re in the mood to pull out something playful, why not give your shoes a splash? George in multicolor also has the flexible bubble sole that you can get from Todd, but the sense of style is for those who dare to be bold and brave in pulling out the multiple colors in their shoe design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are ostrich shoes?

Ostrich shoes are shoes made out of ostrich skin. Manufacturers or designers extract the skins from the ostriches in Africa, highlighting their beautiful bumps and pores lifted in the skin of the exotic men’s shoes. Overall, they are one of the best pieces to wear when you need a boost in your repetitive and mundane clothing.

Can you wear oxford shoes with a black suit?

Oxfords tend to be the most formal shoes you can get, so it is preferable to wear a black suit and more formal clothing. You can also accessorize along with your oxford shoes with a bowler hat.

Are the exotic skin shoes worth the investment?

Exotic shoes are definitely worth the investment because of their distinct styles. They usually stand out from the mass-produced shoes because of their rarity in the exotic skins market. Beyond their superior quality, these shoes provide a pleasant wearing experience due to their softness and ability to fit perfectly to the shape of your foot.

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