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4 Hat Styles Every Man Should Own

Hats have always been a staple in any stylish man’s wardrobe. Traditionally, hats are simply worn for practicality or protection from sun, weather, or cold. But come the 21st century,...

Hats have always been a staple in any stylish man’s wardrobe.

Traditionally, hats are simply worn for practicality or protection from sun, weather, or cold. But come the 21st century, they have become a wild fashion statement.

Trends may come and go, but hats never go out in style. Whatever season, whatever weather, and whatever the occasion — there’s truly no accessory as useful as the hat. Once you’ve chosen the right hat, you’ll be sure to draw looks left and right with this wonderful complement.

Hat Styles Every Man Should Own

With a long list of available hats, you might get confused about which ones you should buy.

Worry no more! Here we listed down four hats that deserve a spot in your fashion schema, along with the reasons why they’re worthy of your hard-earned cash.

Baseball Cap

First off, our list is the baseball cap. Honestly, every man probably already owns a piece of this.

Baseball caps are fitted caps typically displaying a design or a logo. The back may have an elastic, a plastic prone-in-a-hole, a tri-glide slide, or a Velcro elastic to adjust its fit to the wearer’s head.

Back then, the baseball cap was exclusively worn by baseball players as part of their uniform, with the brim pointing forward to protect the eyes from the sun.

Today, the humble baseball cap is now an intrinsic part of casual menswear. It’s your go-to rescue if you want to run errands outside, go for a grocery run, or walk in the park without washing your hair.

This Kangol Cord Baseball Cap is a classic cap featuring soft, unstructured panels and a subtle cord backstrap that create a vintage touch. Made of Corduroy, the cross-hatching on the embroidered kangaroo logo ties up the subtle design.

You can also opt for the Kangol Denim Baseball Cap for a more youthful and laid-back vibe. This cap has a closed back panel and a stretch fit headband which ensures its breathability and comfort all day.


Now that we’ve covered your hat needs for casual events, it’s now time to move to more formal ensembles.

A fedora hat is a must-have for balls, date nights, funerals, and all the other black-tie events.

Basically, a fedora hat is a catch-all term for any dress hat that features a relatively wider brim. They also usually have a lengthwise crease at the center of the crown, pinched on both sides. Crowns vary in height, but the brims are more or less 6 centimeters.

With so many variations of fedora hats out there, you might want to take a look at the Deluxe Showman Teardrop Crown Wool Felt Fedora. Made of wool felt, it’s an elegant take on the teardrop crown fedora shapes. The tri-tone striped grosgrain adds a nice contrast to the earthy color of the hat.

Another top pick is the Francesco Straw Fedora which is a functional choice for the summer. It’s made of lightweight but heavy-duty straw material and cotton sweatband, thus increasing airflow inside.


No formal look is complete without topping it off with a Homburg hat.

It’s easy to confuse it with a fedora hat, but a distinguishing factor of the homburg is its incredible stiffness. It also features a brim with a curled-up effect by the edges, similar to a cowboy hat. Unlike the pinched sides of a fedora hat, the homburg hat has a tall and rounded crown with a single center crease.

Homburg hats are properly worn with business suits, overcoats, or tuxedos, depending on the occasion. They are a favorite of politicians, diplomats, and prominent male figures in history.

A great introduction to homburg hats is the Randal Wool Felt Centerdent Homburg Hat. Crafted from wool felt, this hat gives off a vintage and timeless fierceness with its short brim end and thick grosgrain band.

If your agenda is to look serious yet effortless, El Dorado Milan Straw Centerdent is your answer. This hat is made from Florentine Milan Straw which ensures high and durable quality for both dressy and informal events.

Pork Pie Hat

To finish our list, we have the pork pie hat as the last hat essential.

Pork pies are strongly preferred by men during sporting events, like horse racing and golf. They are known for their casual flair because of their very short and upturned brim. It also has a rounded crease on top of the crown with a minimal pinch in the front.

Giving resemblance to England’s pork pie, this hat is a lot shorter than most hats. As such, short men with round faces should wear these with precaution.

Still, if you want to cop the jazzy and quirky vibe this hat gives off, you can consider starting with the Steven Land Diplomat Straw Pork Pie. This modern piece has a telescopic crown and contrasting patterned brim. It’s made of natural straw, and the crown is 4”, which is typical for most pork pie hats.

Meanwhile, the Bruno Capelo Wool Pork Pie Hat is more appealing to the old-school style. The 100% Australian Wool Felt gives it a smooth and supple feel, magnifying its already sophisticated design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How do I make my hats look stylish?

Most of the trends nowadays are drawn from the bygone days of fashion norms. It also helps blend some modern pieces into your clothing if you want to wear vintage hats. Ultimately, it still boils down to your confidence and ability to feel good with whatever you’re wearing.

2. How can I choose the right hat for me?

There is a lot to take into consideration when buying a hat, such as affordability, durability, comfort, and aesthetics.
We’ve listed down the five essential hats every man should have so that you can choose among all the hats above.

3. Where can I buy hats online?

The most fashionable and affordable hats, whatever type they may be, can be availed at All of our products are made from high-quality materials and are sold at a low price. Also, we guarantee safe and reliable transactions and fast delivery.

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