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5 Hats to Bring on Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Going on an outdoor adventure isn’t complete if you aren’t wearing your trusty hat. After all, they aren’t just there to keep you looking great but also to protect you...

Going on an outdoor adventure isn’t complete if you aren’t wearing your trusty hat. After all, they aren’t just there to keep you looking great but also to protect you from the elements like extreme sunlight, rain, debris, and wind.

5 Hats to Bring on Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Experienced outdoor travelers know that a hat is an essential outdoor gear regardless of your outdoor activity. Wearing an outdoor hat can also prevent skin cancer when exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Here are the best hats you should consider bringing to an outdoor adventure.

Baseball Cap

Baseball caps aren’t just stylish and let you support your favorite sports team. They also have a lot of other uses you might not know. For instance, if you are having a bad hair day or don’t have the time to fix your messy hair, putting on a baseball cap quickly solves this problem.

Meanwhile, your head is one of the bodies that receive the most sun exposure. The front of the baseball cap protects your eyes and face from direct sunlight, thus, preventing glares and sunburns. It also helps keep your body temperature low and prevents potential heat stroke during the hot summer months.

Furthermore, baseball hats allow you to express yourself by flaunting your unique style. Most baseball hats are also inexpensive and come in different colors and designs. It can also make you an acquaintance or friend, especially if both of you are fans of the same team or brand.

Bucket Hat

A bucket hat, also known as a fisherman’s hat, often has a wide downward brim that slopes. It was introduced during the 1900s and was initially worn by fishermen and farmers to protect them from rain.

Today, most bucket hats are made from denim, canvas, polyester, or heavy wool and are often waterproof. Some bucket hats also have metal eyelets around the crown for ventilation. These hats are versatile because they help regulate your body temperature in hot and cold weather.

Some even have chin straps to help keep them on your head while doing outdoor sports or activities. Moreover, bucket hats are fantastic because you can wear them practically anywhere, and it matches several clothing styles.

Straw Hat

A straw hat is one of the best headwear you can use when going to the beach because it’s both fashionable and practical at the same time. You can also match it with your Hawaiian shirt or long sleeves.

This hat has a breathable design thanks to the gaps in the straw weaves. It will keep your head cool, while its large brim will protect your head, neck, and shoulder from the harsh sun. They are also durable, portable, and can be bought in almost any beach store.

Straw hats also come in various colors and can be customized by adding accessories such as ribbons. Their unique style makes them great to wear when taking photos and gives you that “tourist” vibe.

Trapper Hat

If you are going outdoors on a snowy day, you better wear a trapper hat. These hats will keep your head warm and toasty. It also has ear flaps that cover the side of your face providing extra warmth and protection. Hence, you can think of a trapper hat as a combination of hat and earmuffs.

Traditional trapper hats are made from leather and trimmed furs from sheep, raccoons, foxes, minks, and coyotes. Today, buyers can choose from various options, such as waterproof, corduroy, and plain fabrics.

Whether skiing, snowboarding, or any winter recreational activities, wearing a trapper hat will make you feel more comfortable.

Sun Visor

People who want to keep it simple prefer to wear a sun visor while going on an outdoor adventure. These hats are perfect to wear if you are into outdoor sports such as trail running or mountaineering. In addition, they are lighter than most headwear, which makes them less of a burden to the wearer.

Meanwhile, an open top provides better ventilation on the head, which is necessary to keep your body temperature in check. It’s also designed to absorb sweat thanks to its absorbent materials. The sweat it absorbs can then be quickly evaporated into the air.

Furthermore, these hats usually have a longer front edge to help prevent the sun’s rays from entering the eyes. It can also dissipate heat from the head so that you can remain relaxed and composed during outdoor activities.


Wearing a hat outdoors provides an extra layer of protection against the elements. You can also match them with your outfit, and is an outlet to express your style, mood, or personality. Hats off to those who have their hats on!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to Choose Which Hat to Wear on Your Outdoor Adventure?

When choosing which hat to use outdoors, you must first consider the weather. If you are going to skate outdoors during the winter, choose a thick hat, such as a trapper hat, to help protect your head from the cold. In contrast, if you’re going on an adventure during the warm summer months, choose something that offers good ventilation, such as a sun visor or baseball cap.

You should also consider whether the functionality of the hat fits the activities you will do. If you don’t want your head to get wet, choose a waterproof hat. If you are going hunting, choose a camouflage hat to blend in with your surroundings better.

What’s the Best Hat Size for Me?

The best hat size for anyone is those that fit comfortably on their head. It shouldn’t be too tight, nor should it be too loose. For best results, try measuring the circumference of your head using a hat-sizing tape. Then, compare that measurement to the size chart of the hat you are interested in.

If the hat is between two sizes, it’s better to size up or choose the larger size. Doing so will ensure that the hat will still fit your head. Trying out the hat before purchasing is recommended if you buy from a brick-and-mortar store.

Are there Other Types of Outdoor Hats?

Yes, there are more than a dozen types of outdoor hats that you can choose from that weren’t listed in the list above. Some outdoor hats you can consider include beanies, brim hats, adventure hats, and sun hats.

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