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7 Gifts for Hat Lovers This 2023

There’s a hat for every season. And what better gift to give your fashion-loving friend than the gift of trendiness? Hats are still on every clothing expert’s radar in the...

There’s a hat for every season. And what better gift to give your fashion-loving friend than the gift of trendiness?

Hats are still on every clothing expert’s radar in the winter of 2022 and the entirety of 2023. Since this headwear shows no signs of going away anytime soon, now is the perfect time to get a hat for yourself or your loved ones.

Gear up for the year ahead with these 7 hat trends set to take the fashion world by storm in 2023. Pair them up with your everyday looks or more dressed-up ensembles.

Whatever style you plan to go for, there’s a perfect hat that can polish it up.


Fedoras can be styled to fit any season and event. The most famous look may be an autumn or winter outfit topped with a black fedora hat, but you’re free to play with any color that will give your outfit that distinct pop of luxury.

Fedoras look expensive without trying, so wearing them gives you that needed sophistication. It also doubles as protection from the sun. If you love fashion with function, you’re going to love fedora hats.

Wide-brim fedoras and classic fedoras in colors that remind you of your gift recipient make perfect presents. Choose between fedoras with two to four-inch brims and add a corrugated hat box for it to maintain its shape. These are clean and lightweight, made for convenient travel.

Here’s a wide-brim wool felt fedora many fall in love with. The oxblood color is perfect for formal outfits worn during the night.


Beanies are simple items that can make the wearer look effortlessly warm and cuddly. Whether it is of moderate size or a bit more oversized and hangs over the back of your head, it gives you an endearing look that’s reminiscent of winter and fall.

Wearing a beanie with thinner materials during spring and summer also gives you a laid-back vibe and is perfect to top off flowy outfits. In addition, if you choose a bright color, it’s a great accent to an otherwise plain combination of pieces.

These hats come in varying thicknesses. Use a thicker wool beanie for winter or a knitted beanie that matches your hairstyle. Beanies are also amazing fashion items to mask a bad hair day.

We love beanies in loud colors. Here’s a cardinal 2-way beanie that’s been cuffed perfectly to give that comforting and snug-fitting feeling.


This French-inspired headwear gives the wearer a charming and graceful look that matches perfectly with a well-tailored jacket or a scarf of the same color. It can be dressed up or dressed down, even with just a simple tilt of the item.

Wearing it tilted sideways gives a unique charm that matches casual looks. Meanwhile, wearing it upright makes you look put-together. Berets also come in fun prints that are perfect statement pieces for a monotonous outfit.

You can go a bit more adventurous in this Kangol tooth grid beret in a houndstooth pattern. It’ll go well together with some silver jewelry to truly make your face stand out.

Trapper Hats

Though originally meant for hunting and outdoor labor in the winter, trapper hats have evolved to become a vied-for item among fashion-conscious individuals. As a result, furry hats have been all the rage this winter, and it’s seen to maintain momentum through the winter of 2023.

It’s fitting for ski trips, simple travels in the winter, or work outside in the snow. If fedora hats shield from the sun in the summer, trapper hats shield from frostbite in the winter.

It’s also a perfect example of fashion meets function as it comes in different designs, any of which still keeps your head and ears warm. Trapper hats look best with rugged-looking clothes such as denim jackets, plaid shirts, and the like.

Here’s a winter trapper in a Vino color that stands out in a cold and white landscape.

Maintain it with genuine horsehair hat brushes to keep the trapper fur untangled and clean.

Baseball Caps

Baseball caps never go out of style. It’s a unisex item that just never loses its charm throughout the four seasons. Perfect for casual and athleisure looks, it’s a mainstream item that is practical and versatile.

Different materials and designs make the cap a highly-personal item. It can contain logos, patterns, and statements that can be a channel for self-expression. If your loved one is into any sports team, getting them a baseball cap with the team symbol is sure to touch their hearts.

Wear the cap backward for a relaxed, casual ensemble or choose materials like suede or corduroy to play between casual and luxury. Here’s an elastic-fitted baseball cap available in different sizes and neutral colors to tie together your look.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats have been considered a must-have item for the past couple of years. This is actually a 90s trend that people did not expect would blow up again. It’s a unisex item that could work for streetwear, summerwear, to smart casual outfits.

It’s refreshing to see bucket hats styled with bathing suits and loungewear. This just proves that it was a trend that deserves to reemerge.

Get your loved one ready for spring break, summer fishing trips, and everything in between in the coming year with a bucket hat made with the appropriate materials. This contrast pops bucket hat will turn heads for the color-blocked design that just works.

Knitted Hats

Knitted hats remind people of home. It’s thin, smooth, and comfortable and usually fits heads perfectly for a neat look. Match it with a snuggly knitted sweater for the complete festive combination.

This Intarsia knitted flat cap comes in a shock wave design that deviates from the soft aesthetic and goes for the night-out visual, going against the usual purpose of knitted items.


Headwear can be dressed up or dressed down, so you can leave it up to your gift recipient to make it their own.

Choosing the right hat that matches a person’s hobbies and interests will let them know you’re thinking about them. You just might turn some of your loved ones into hat lovers this 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the most popular style of hat?

The most popular style of hat is the baseball cap. It is widely used in many countries regardless of the climate.

Is a hat a good gift?

A hat is a good gift as long as the recipient will have both practical and aesthetic uses for it. It must also fit them well.

How do you wear a hat fashionably?

A hat can be worn fashionably by considering how it jives with other pieces you’re wearing in terms of color and overall style.

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