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Cold Weather Hats | Guide to Cold Weather Headwear

There is no denying that we greatly missed outdoor activities like skiing and throwing snowballs with neighbors (purposely, perhaps?) since staying indoors became a constant and ordinary activity. Sipping hot...

There is no denying that we greatly missed outdoor activities like skiing and throwing snowballs with neighbors (purposely, perhaps?) since staying indoors became a constant and ordinary activity. Sipping hot chocolate by the fire pit, or maybe watching Netflix with our loved ones under the thick blankets at home last year, was a blast for some and terror for others.

And now it’s the time of the year again to get your men’s winter hat style on point.

Cold Weather Hats | Guide to Cold Weather Headwear

Why do you need to have a hat, and why are there so many hats you can wear during winter? Before you go and ready your winter gloves to snowball the questions, this article will help you trim down the choices you can wear during the cold season.

6 Best Cold Weather Hats to Wear in Winter

Like in the summer, where you can choose to wear a straw boater’s hat or fedora, men’s winter hat style has an extensive selection of hats that you can pair with your clothes in wintertime. While some dismiss the necessity of getting their headdresses on, that doesn’t mean you will sacrifice your health and the other benefits you might get from wearing a hat.

But here’s some guide in getting you prepped up for your winter hat purchase online. In any case, even though the hats would undoubtedly look great on you as you wear them, You will still have to consider the hat styles and some considerations in rocking the winter hats with your coat or sweats.

Trapper Hats

Trapper hats have been around since hunters know they will need a hat to protect them while hunting. As the weather gets colder, the neck and the ears are prone to the cold, but this winter headwear prevents the cold air from getting through your skin.

Trapper hats have a flap in the ear. Wearing the hat, you can see a string to the crown of the cap, or you can find it on the flaps of the ear. The yarn exists to make the hat fitted to your head shape.

The trapper hat uses leathers and wools as the prime material to cover your head and ear from the cold. Some may use faux fur, but there are still those that produce fur at the earflaps.

Bucket Hats

During summer, you see too many bucket hats and say, “not again, not in winter.” But bucket hats are also existing in this list as winter wear. Why?

Bucket hats are casual hats that can go effortlessly with any sweats or joggers. You can also pair it with a hoodie to top off the hood of your jacket and can keep you warm as you go outside.

Bucket hats made from wool, fleece, or corduroy are an excellent choice for warm winter hats, as they are similar to summer caps adapted to be more suitable for winter weather. Also, they are diverse in fashion styles. No matter what outfit you select, you’ll be able to wear it without any difficulty.


And if you’re looking forward to wearing something that can protect your face from the ruthless cold wind as you skid down the hill, balaclavas will rescue your face as long as you have the skiing shades on.

Balaclavas do not get in the way of you having a good time when skiing. You can still breathe while wearing the mask without feeling like you’re about to suffocate. Despite the fact that some of them are thin, they fit perfectly and give adequate warmth.

Driving Caps

Who said that trapper hats are the only thing giving you a major retro vibe in men’s winter hat style? Even Peaky Blinders brought back the driving caps or flat caps in class.

While it covers the top of your head, newsboy caps look excellent with any coat, and you can wear them on any occasion you choose to attend during the winter season.

The newsboy cap looks like a baseball cap because it has a beak. In contrast, hats like a derby or pork pie hats have a brim surrounding the crown.

The flat cap is suitable for winter because, like other hats, the material consists of tweed or heavier cotton that keeps you warm.

Baseball Caps

Before you get shocked, yes, baseball caps made it to winter. Although the hat existed as the laid-back casual style in summer, the baseball caps also made it to men’s winter hat style as soon as they innovated the hat with wool, tweed, and corduroy.


Beanies are never out of style. This classic head warmer rescues you from having a bad hair day, but you can also use this as protection from the chills coming from the cold season.

Beanies have different colors and different textures that you can choose from that produces enough heat to warm you up.

Some beanies use polyester, while some manufacturers produce beanies using cotton. You can always pair it, play with the rules, and make it meet your preference to achieve a comfortable clothing style. You can also choose to have classier jeans with better sweatshirts.

Final Say

Warm yourself up with all of the great options mentioned above, and you will be safe from getting frostbite or, worse, hypothermia. The best fashion comes with your confidence and comfort, and you can never go wrong if you ever try it on with any of your winter coats and winter wear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the advisable headwear for skiing?

You can choose between trapper hats and balaclavas. They provide enough warmth to keep your neck and ears from freezing, but it’s much better if you opt for balaclavas as it covers your whole face and neck.

How do you care for winter hats?

Storing the hat with warm and clean storage is one, but that usually depends on how dirty and how much you need to care for the hat’s material. You can read the rest of the guides here.

How long do winter hats last?

It is advisable to change the hats annually, but you can also take extra measures to care for the cap to make it last longer.

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