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Every Guy’s Guide to Men's Wide-Brim Fedora Hats

Guide to Men’s Wide-Brim Fedora Hats What Makes a Fedora? When It’s More than Just Style Let’s Talk About Wide Brims Wide-Brim Wool Felt Fedora Hats You have been exploring...

Mens fedora hat

You have been exploring different dapper outfit combinations but are thinking of leveling up your charismatic style even more by getting started with wide-brim fedora hats. You might be skeptical and afraid to go against the trend and norm or merely do not know how to start. Either way, we can help you open that different genre of style by laying out everything we know about fedoras so you can start rocking one.

What Makes a Fedora?

No matter how much the design of a fedora hat evolves, these defining attributes remain the ones that make a fedora:

  • Its fixed crown is creased at the center and pinched on both sides
  • Its flexible brim can vary from 2-3 inches wide
  • Usually made from wool or fur felt, with a silk ribbon or strap around the part where the brim meets the crown

When It’s More than Just Style

When you think about fedoras, you think about how uniquely stylish you would look in a casual look or a tuxedo. But more than just sprucing up your outfit, these hats may also be as functional as your typical umbrella, minus the hassle of carrying one. Hats serve as your full face protection from the sun, snow, and even the rain. This is especially true the wider the brim of your hat is, of course. This is what brings wide-brim Fedoras to an advantage against your casual narrow-brimmed beanies or trilbies. But when is a hat a wide-brim hat?

Let’s Talk About Wide Brims

Any hat with a brim of three inches or more is called a wide-brim hat. This kind of hat can either help or sabotage your outfit, so make sure you purchase a hat that flatters your face shape and suits your body frame. Wearing wide-brim hats is not a walk in the park, too. Not all looks fit these hats, so you have to carefully examine how it can make you look and make yourself look stylish instead of trying hard novelty.

Wide-Brim Wool Felt Fedora Hats

The goal of a wide-brim Fedora is to help you stand out from the crowd of mediocrity — the basic expression of individualism. Chase after an out-of-the-norm fashion with hats amidst our modern times to find out how much it will make you look better. Discover the variety of these hats that will help complete your wardrobe.



This limited edition Kingdom fedora hat made of 100% natural straw is distinguished by its contrasting under brim and 3-inch flat bound brim. With an elasticized cotton sweatband as its interior, you can achieve a perfectly comfortable summer look with this headpiece.



A flat, 3-inch brim and a cowhide sweatband are your first pros in choosing this Dobbs’ estate wool felt fedora. Ornamented with a feather with a sleek strap, it’s best suited to accompany you in formal events.



Another soft wool felt fedora hat by Dobbs is the Esquire B. With a 3-inches brim, a crown height of 4 ½ inches, and a bound edge, this hat is perfect for evening dinners since they emanate a semi-casual to a formal sense of style.



Feel like a true king with Bruno Capelo’s Monarch with its subtle design of the pinched front and dented down crown center, as well as its signature red bottom 3 inches flat brim. This quality 100% Australian Wool is soft and comfortable even during cold weather. Its interior satin lining not only looks simply sophisticated but also offers protection, so your hair won’t stick to the hat’s fabric and remains moist.



Bruno Capelo Phoenix Wide Brim Raw Edge Fedora

Another Bruno Capelo’s masterpiece is the Phoenix fedora hat. A hundred percent soft wool felt, snap 3-inches brim, a diamond crown, and a cotton sweatband: this hat can easily become one of your top picks. It is also flexible and can be easily packed for travel. The Phoenix is a perfect piece that completes smart casual and formal looks.

Getting the Right Fedora

Starting out with wide-brim fedora hats are not simple at first, but once you can mix and match with the outfits you already have, feeling like James Lebron as you rock your fedoras is no longer a pipe dream. Just remember that there are many wide-brim Fedora hats, but they serve different purposes.

When it comes to getting the right Fedora for your look, make sure that you are getting the right size, color, and match for your personality and event. The good thing is, these classic hats have a wide range of use for any season, from suits or anything formal to a laid back casual attire such as a flannel shirt that is a fall staple and even jackets for the winter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can you reshape a wide brim hat?

Yes, you can. If you want to reshape your wide brim hat, simply place any heavy object on its creases. Then, lay the hat on a flat surface for a day. The object can be books, stones or anything that’s heavy enough.

Can you wear a fedora hat with jeans?

Fedora is considered a dress hat. Hence, if you want to wear it with jeans, you’ll have to dress up a little bit more. You can do this by pairing your fedora and jeans with a nice blazer or jacket.

Can you wear a felt fedora hat in summer?

Just because it’s a wool felt material, doesn’t mean you can’t wear it during summertime. Rocking a felt fedora hat in any season or weather is easy, as long as you know how to style and pair it with your outfit.

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