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Make a Statement: How to Choose the Right Hat

Stylish men’s hats are available on the market nowadays to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence. You’ve seen plenty of Instagram posts and pictures, and it’s enough to make...

Stylish men’s hats are available on the market nowadays to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence. You’ve seen plenty of Instagram posts and pictures, and it’s enough to make you want to buy your very own.

However, you must make sure that the new hat matches your own style and does not detract from the rest of your attire. As a result, you’ll want to be well-prepared while establishing your own fashion statement.

You can get a head start on selecting the right hat for you as you make a statement by using the information in this article.

Things to Consider While Picking Your Style

When you know each style and the materials used in their construction, hats have distinct personalities. If you choose the wrong one, those personalities and different types will undoubtedly clash with the rest of your attire.

Isn’t it intimidating?

To resolve the issue, here are some things you should be aware of and consider while you keep the headwear in check for you.

1. Knowing What Type of Hat or Cap You Want

As stated before, the hats portray different personalities. It is your call to pick the appropriate hat that unleashes all your good features.

The men’s hats commonly seen in public are the full-brimmed ones, helmets, baseball caps, cowboy hats, and more. Interested in learning more about these hats? Find out by reading on.

Full Brim Hats

The full brim hats are like the super protective mother who wants to protect you from the sun’s harsh rays and other elements that could harm you or your skin.

Hats with full brims provide a larger surface area that protects your face or eyes from the sun. There are several brim sizes to pick from, such as wide brim hats, medium brim hats, and so on.

The hats included in this category are the straw hats, fedora, boater, and even outback hats.


And if you think the wide brim hats are the protective ones, there are helmets to keep you from hitting hard objects and getting an unwanted concussion while working.

The helmets are worn while biking, working in several fields like construction, miners, and even baseball players.

Baseball Cap

Since we covered baseball players in the last hat type, it’s exciting to learn about the other headwear that baseball players wear during games.

Baseball caps are the way to go if you want to bring out the street style look you’re going for.

Cowboy Hats

Cowboy hats are the rugged westerner guy you should pick if you are looking for a wide-brimmed hat.

This hat is separated from the full-brimmed category because they are pretty known to be used in occasions such as horse riding and sheriff’s uniforms.

They are usually paired with a good button-up shirt or your t-shirts and cowboy boots.

Other Hat Styles

Other hat styles also include the following:

  • Winter Hats. The winter hats are solely worn in winter, but these hats are stylish enough to pull off on any occasion you like. Hats like trapper hats, wool bucket hats, and beanies.
  • Formal Hats. Formal hats are simply the ones that give you the edge in looking well-dressed in all formal events. Top hats, homburg, and derby hats are the ones included in this category.

2. The Hat’s Size and Your Face Shape

To achieve the size of your head, you can get the exact measurement and look for a hat of the same size.

Since all of the hats and caps can be adjusted in any size, the next thing you should look for is the shape of your face. All of your efforts will come to waste when the type of men’s hats you pick does not suit your face shape.

Generally, there are several face shapes to acknowledge, like an oval, square, rectangle, heart, diamond, round, and triangle face shapes. Read this article if you want to know more about the hats that suit these specific hat shapes.

3. The Hat’s Comfort and Style

Aside from it fitting correctly on your face, the next thing you should not compromise is the comfort and style of your hat. After all, looking extremely uncomfortable with your hat affects your stance and confidence in carrying out the look.

You don’t want to look wacky when you are trying to sport a formal hat, right? Besides the style, it should look and feel comfortable enough to wear to avoid getting in the way of your intended outdoor activities.

4. Durability and the Breathability of the Hat

You would also like to look for a durable hat that gives enough breathability for your comfort. The caps are composed of materials like wool, cotton, and even leather, so they also have additional durability and conditions. It would be best for you to try out the hat if it is just enough to give your head the breathability you need and see if it is durable enough for your use.

5. The Hat Color You Like

Last but not least is getting the color you like. The hats have an entire color palette to choose from. They are changed from the typical neutral colors like white or black and even introduced different brown shades to match your clothes.

Each color scheme has its downsides though, the darker colored hats can attract more heat while the lighter colored ones are so easy to stain.


Making a statement seeks to enhance your confidence. You can absolutely do it with the assistance of selecting the right hat for you. The size of the hat, and the shape of your face, make it simple to choose the ideal hat that complements your own style.

Also, don’t overlook its comfort and style because they can influence your whole look. The hat should be breathable, durable, and in your favorite color.

Once you’ve got everything in place and secured, grab your camera and your selected men’s hats and get ready to make a statement of your own!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How can I look good in a hat?

You can look effortlessly good in a hat if it fits right into the style you’re aiming for. It also helps that you have the correct size and shape according to your face. Besides that, feeling extremely confident with your hat and self creates an aura where you’re oozing in appeal and charisma makes you overall attractive and good-looking.

How do I know which hat suits me?

A hat looks good on you if it does not look out of place. When you look in the mirror, ask yourself if it looks good and fits well. Do you need to change the color, or is it perfect for your style? If you doubt yourself and get more no’s than you should, you should find another hat that fits with its job.

What should my hat match?

Your hat should match your wardrobe. Aside from getting it fit with your head size and face shape, the hat should also go well with the dress code you are about to use it with.

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