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Men's Exotic Shoes You Can Wear Anywhere

Men’s exotic skin shoes grab men’s attention who want to dress smart and hauntingly attractive. However, most of these shoes are not as flexible as they are supposed to look....

Men’s exotic skin shoes grab men’s attention who want to dress smart and hauntingly attractive. However, most of these shoes are not as flexible as they are supposed to look.

Men’s Exotic Shoes You Can Wear Anywhere

It would help see how they can fit into different combinations and styling. Thankfully, there are some exotic skin shoes that you can try and are worth trying on.


When it comes to casual clothing, wingtips are your best friend. This shoe gives you more versatility than others because you can wear it with jeans, shorts, and chinos, amongst other outfit options. You can also venture to the casual business outfit in these shoes with its compatibility with slacks and suit or a good sports coat.

The good thing about wingtips is that they fall between casual and semi-casual. Therefore, it still gives you a chance to think about the color you’re going to pair with your overall ensemble. Lighter-colored wingtips are indeed made for casual outfits, while the darker ones drop along the lines of being dressy.

These wingtips are typically the best choice when attending semi-formal events such as business lunches, job interviews, office visits, wedding receptions, or cocktail parties. But, it is also essential to know that these shoes are not the ones you should go for when you attend events that require a high level of formality like funerals and other business meetings.


You can always go for oxfords when looking for something more formal than wingtip shoes. These shoes stand out fashionably with the full suits and business attires, particularly with the tuxedos that give you the subtle gentleman approach when it comes to brandishing your style.

There are some instances where some people can pull off Oxfords with jeans and chinos with time. However, the chances of it being formal stick out like a sore thumb unless you’re opting for still smart-casual looks.

Remember that colors are also at play when you get suitable men’s exotic skin shoes. For example, the trendy brown and purple-hued oxford shoes are appropriate for the autumnal season as long as they are paired with overcoats or pullovers.


Loafers are indeed one you can wear anywhere as these easy and comfortable shoes go way back in the 30s and made their name in casual wear in the 1950s.

Commonly, the loafers are not worn in formal events as they have a less classy look when compared to oxford and its closed-lacing system. The exotic men’s loafers are effortlessly attractive at first glance in their sleek skin. With the typical alligator skin, it helps you look sharp and comfortable as you can slip them on and decide on whether you’re going with a sock or not.

These shoes are the best option when you’re taking a stroll or getting a drink with your friends. Pair it with a good fedora hat, and then you can make sure that these shoes work like a charm for giving you a good time socializing with others.


While you get to expose a little bit of your skin in the loafers, boots, on the other hand, give your feet an extra manly size. You can take the shoes everywhere. A boot of your choice is a sure bet whether you’re out shopping or meeting with colleagues.

Depending on its type, each boot allows you to explore sides and personality coming from the casual and laid-back guy to a rugged yet stylish man.

Chelsea Boots

Take Chelsea boots, for example. These boots go up to your ankle with many colors to choose from. You don’t have to worry about the lacing system because it doesn’t have one. They are edgy as they look and comfortable as you go.

Chukka Boots

Chukka boots, as opposed to Chelsea boots, have laces. In any case, you don’t need to be concerned about it. Chukkas only have two or three eyelets with a vast selection of textures to go for. You can choose a leather or suede, but you can mix and match this boot to your outfits and see whatever skin works out for you.

Work Boots

If you want to look like someone who’s down to have fun, work boots are here to be your companion. Boots made of sturdy materials can be worn casually or as part of a tough-guy look, depending on your mood at the time.

Dress Boots

Generally, when you’re looking for exotic skin shoes, you’re introduced to many kinds of flat shoes. When you get tired of the typical dress shoes, you can always try your dress boots.

Dress boots are delectable when the weather is out of sorts. These boots are stylish, but aside from that, they also know how to protect your feet from the rain.

These boots can take you anywhere, but certainly, they favor dressier occasions. Events that need a dash of sophistication like business meetings and weddings call for classic black dress boots.

Cowboy boots

Last but not least in the boots category is the cowboy boots. They are unyielding and challenging to pull off. Nonetheless, because time only moves toward continuous improvement, their designs have evolved, making them more accessible to other outfit styles if done correctly.

Typically, the cowboy boots are paired with skinny jeans to accentuate the style of those who wear them. You can also pair it with a plaid shirt and jeans when going outside the house, or just a shirt and jeans to combine the laid-back and rugged styling, and you’re good to go.

You can also pull out the smart look with a sleek skin belt with a collared shirt or a jacket. If that’s not in your alley, you can also try the leather jacket and dark pair of jeans with an awesome cadet hat to channel a new and attractive bad boy look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What color of shoes goes with everything?

Grey, beige and black should go with every outfit you have in mind. These solid choices are good if you want to stick with the natural and don’t require much attention.

How many pairs of shoes does a man need?

A man usually needs ten to twenty pairs of shoes to have a good rotation in every occasion it calls for. But if you’re starting to collect the shoes, it is good to have a baseline of four pairs until you can provide yourself with a good staple as time goes by.

Who should wear cowboy boots?

Cowboy boots used to be the shoes of cowboys, but they are now readily accessible to everyone. There’s nothing wrong with wearing these daring shoes as long as you do so confidently.

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