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The 7 Best Men’s Summer Hats in 2022

The summer is not just for baseball caps. Wondered how you can use hats without looking over the top this summer? You can wear other gentleman hats during the hottest...

The summer is not just for baseball caps.

Wondered how you can use hats without looking over the top this summer? You can wear other gentleman hats during the hottest season of the year if you want to be more distinguished in your evening attire. Also, you can wear a straw fedora or a homburg during a warm evening night out with your friends.

You can choose to be dressy or as casual as you want to be with these summer hats that you can mix into your wardrobe this 2022.

Pork Pie

Remember the song “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat”? This song is a tribute to saxophonist Lester Young who always used to wear the said hat.

Pork pies have a more casual approach as full-brimmed hats go. However, if you have a small stature, avoid wearing this hat as it can give you a squat appearance.

Poly Braid Pork Pie Hat

If you have a round face, don’t wear this flat hat, as the narrow-brimmed round topper will make your face look even rounder. However, if you have a more chiseled face or you’re someone quite tall, this hat would look good on you.

Also known as an English pastry hat as it resembles the pork pie, this hat is suited to various climates, and can be made up of different kinds of material, including braided hemp, Toyo straw, wool felt, and linen. They also match a wide variety of attire, from a seersucker suit to jeans and button-down shirts.


Get your Jason Mraz on when you wear a fedora hat. When you’re not strumming your guitar and singing love ballads — the fedora, with its classic style, can actually be worn with a more casual look.

Not as stiff as top hats or the homburg, the Prince of Wales even preferred this snap-brim hat because of its softer and more casual look.

Shantung Straw Fedora

You can appear sharp and dapper as you pair this with a classically-inspired outfit, such as a jacket or pin-stripe suit. Or perhaps you can go full Jason Mraz and pair the fedora with short-sleeve shirts and cargo pants.

Ivy Cap

Particularly famous in the U.K., the ivy cap (also known as the flat cap, driving cap, or crook cap) never really became popular in America. The ivy cap is similar to a baseball cap in that it has a very short brim in front. It is made of wool blends, leather, cotton, or polyester.

Vented Ivy Cap

Choose a classic ivy cap with neutral colors to match your outfit easily. And just like a baseball cap, an ivy cap should be worn comfortably.

To check if the fitting is just alright, one finger should fit snugly between the cap and your head. Also, don’t wear it backward, just like a baseball cap. You would look odd because the ivy cap has a very short brim and flat back.

Baseball Cap

First shown by the Brooklyn Excelsiors, a baseball team, this cap is the most popular cap in the world. Modern baseball caps are usually worn outdoors and are made of cotton. It features a rounded top (usually with a logo) and a stiff bill on the front.

Tropic Ventair Spacecap

This cap is neither intended for any formal event nor typically worn at work. Nevertheless, the baseball cap may be used for shielding the eyes from the sun or as a fashion accessory. Be sure to tuck your hair in when you wear this casual cap.

Brim Skimmer

Boaters, also known as The English Panama, katie, somer, and brim skimmer, are derived from the canotier straw hat worn by gondoliers in Venice. The hats, made up of wheat braid, Panama straw, or paper straw, are named because they’re identified with boating.

One of the best hats during the summer, the hats were traditionally made from sennit straw with a wide hat band, flat top, and flat brim.

Straw Flat Brim Skimmer

Though boaters are rare these days, these hats can still be seen in sailing, rowing, or even theatrical performances. And if you fancy a party with a vintage-inspired theme, this hat will not be out of place in a 1920s affair or those with Edwardian-inspired party looks.

Straw Homburg Hat

With a very tall crown with a center dent, the Homburg traces its origins to a famous German spa and resort. The Homburg was also popularized by Edward VII and some politicians and distinguished older gentlemen.

Straw Homburg

A wardrobe staple in every gentleman’s wardrobe, the Homburg is typically worn for a formal business look.

As you pair it with a dark business suit or tuxedo, this formal hat won’t be out of place during the evening or even the day. It is accented with a hatband that is sometimes topped with a feather.

The Homburg appeals to men with more angular features, but those with rounder faces can also wear it by choosing one with a wider brim.

Trilby hat

Cousin to the fedora hat, the trilby is a more informal hat that can be worn during the summer. It was popularized in the 1920s and was commonly seen at the racetrack.

The trilby typically has a creased tapered crown with a pinch on the front. This hat is similar to the fedora but with a shorter snap brim that is permanently fixed down. The trilby is typically made with straw, raffia, wool felt, or cotton.

Toasted Palm Straw Trilby Hat

During the summer, pair your trilby with a smart casual to a semiformal look. You can also try the trilby with a fitted shirt, loafers, or trousers, or go full traditional while wearing it with a trench coat.

Elevate Your Look This Summer

Summer is a time when you can be more casual and laid back. This season involves beaches, sipping iced coffee in your favorite cafe, or going out with your family or friends from work.

Stand out by pairing up your cargo pants and a button-down shirt with a straw fedora. And while wearing light and airy clothes may be the trend during this hot season, make yourself look more distinguished with these classy hats.

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