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The Most Popular Hat Styles of the 21st Century

Hats have had their ups and downs in our history. Sometimes they’re in, sometimes they’re out; but no matter what happens, they’re here to stay. At its simplest, it’s worn...

most populat hats 21st century

Hats have had their ups and downs in our history.

Sometimes they’re in, sometimes they’re out; but no matter what happens, they’re here to stay.

At its simplest, it’s worn for practicality or protection from sun, weather, or cold. But in the 21st century, they have become a wild fashion statement.

When it comes to improving an outfit or showing your confidence to everyone, there’s truly no accessory as useful as the hat. You’ll be sure to draw looks left and right with this wonderful complement.

Most Popular Hat Styles of the 21st Century

We’ve compiled a list of the most popular hats in the 21st century, and why you should wear them.

Read on to discover how a cool hat can perfectly enhance your style!

Baseball Cap

Everyone loves a good baseball cap. It’s worn almost everywhere and every time!

It’s cheap and comfortable; it’s an easy way to tame a bad hair day, and it functions well in keeping the sun out of our eyes. On top of these, it’s an American classic.

The style and practicality of a baseball cap are simply unparalleled. The visor or brim shields your face from direct sunlight and other debris. The low and well-fitted crown clings to your head for when you’re on the move. Lastly, it has breathable materials and eyelets that can keep you cool and sweat-free when you’re active.

Style Tips

  • The baseball cap has always been a sporty, casual piece of headgear, but you can now style it in various ways. Try pulling off the baseball cap in a smart-casual pizzaz!
  • Choose a low-profile dad cap without a logo, in black or white.
  • Pair it up with a button-down or a polo shirt layered with a neutral bomber jacket.
  • Finish it with some tailored chinos and a pair of oxford shoes.


We get it, the beanie is one of the most polarizing accessories among men. For some, it’s a casual and comfortable addition to their get-up. For others, it’s a comical piece that can make them look like a teenager wannabe.

But don’t jump to conclusions yet! We urge you to reconsider your beanie-related reservations and see it for its stylish flair.

Whether you’re protecting your ears from freezing in the cold weather or just taming a bad hair day, trust your gold ol’ beanie to do the job. This versatile article of accessory provides much functionality while keeping your fashion sense intact.

It’s not the beanie; most people just can’t figure out how to style one.

Style Tips

  • Beanies are commonly found in the relaxed and cozy side of the fashion spectrum, as such, most men find it hard to make them look sophisticated.
  • The trick here is to choose the right beanie and elevate it with classy clothing.
  • On top, wear cold-weather essentials like knitwear and dress trousers.
  • Down below, team the beanie with thick legwear and black leather shoes or sturdy boots.
  • Layer it with some wool overcoat and you’re good to go!

Cowboy Hat

Keep your wild west side alive!

The cowboy hat is coming down the runway along to the tunes of “Old Town Road” to dominate the fashion streets. No one can resist this Western-inspired headwear!

You’re gonna love the wide-brimmed and high-crowned classic cowboy hats that have an iconic indent on the front. This hat is eye-catchy and ideal for making a real statement in the streets. Add to that, it’s functional in protecting your heaD!

With celebrities like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood donning this superb hat, this hat will surely make you walk a little taller and stride with confidence.

Style Tips

  • It’s a general rule that your cowboy hat and boots must be in harmony. Start with neutral colors like brown, white, or black.
  • Go full-blown Western by teaming this hat with a plaid shirt. To tone it down, you can choose a plain white tee.
  • A ragged, low-waisted denim pair of jeans with cowboy boots will complete this look.
  • A belt is a quick fix to boost the western flair of any outfit. A tan leather strap will go perfectly with a beige cowboy hat.

Fedora Hat

The iconic Fedora hat is a wonder of style and sophistication. It’s without a doubt the most classy and sleek addition to your masculine get-up.

The fedora hat is popular for its is any soft felt hat with an indented crown and a wide brim. One of the hallmarks of the fedora is the “crease” on the top which can make anyone look like an old-school Hollywood movie star.

Fast forward today, the fedora hat has become an essential fashion accessory for weddings, balls, black tie events, and casual outdoor events. It’s sure to gather admiring glances in every direction.

Styling Tips

  • Wearing a fedora hat presents so many versatile stylish combinations.
  • Wear a sharp, tailored suit to accent your fine style. Upscale it with a tuxedo and leather shoes.
  • A tie is of utmost importance, so consider a semi-solid and lightly patterned cool-toned necktie.
  • If you want a relaxed vibe, opt for a straw fedora hat. Pair it with jeans and a nice collared shirt, ready for a laidback day on the beach.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to Choose the Right Hat for Me?

Many factors go into choosing the right hat for you, such as proportion, face shape, and functionality. However, the most important thing to think about is your personality and your outfit. Decide on your style and find the one that suits you while promising high quality and durability.

How to Find My Hat Style?

There are a lot of references available for you to draw your style. You can gather inspiration from celebrities, style icons, and fashion trends. Now that you know the most popular hat styles today, have you found the perfect addition to your hat collection?

Where Can I Buy a Hat for Me?

We, at are happy to help you kick your style up a notch. We offer you a wide variety of hats. Check out our products now!

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