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Top 5 Best Exotic Leathers to Use for Belts

When we hear the term “exotic leather,” people typically picture crocodiles or snakeskin. However, the range of exotic materials is far wider than that. Best Exotic Leathers to Use for...

When we hear the term “exotic leather,” people typically picture crocodiles or snakeskin. However, the range of exotic materials is far wider than that.

In this post, we listed some of the best exotic leathers for belts and the best products we can recommend for each. We’ll also share with you some quick tips on how to take care of your leather apparel.


Eel leather is (typically) manufactured from the skin of the Pacific Hagfish, a slimy, worm-like fish that is native to the Sea of Japan and puts on thick coats of mucus to ward off predators. It feeds on the dead and dying by burrowing into their putrefied bodies.

Like any other leather, eel skin is meticulously cleaned and prepared for clean and safe human use. The reason it is one of the most sought-after exotic leathers you can discover is due to the makeup of its skin.

Even though it is lightweight and two to three times as strong as regular leather, eel leather is remarkably smooth and soft.

With a moist-appearing pinstripe pattern that reflects light similar to the glistening waters of the ocean in broad daylight, it has a stunning sheen that is instantly recognizable.

It is one of the easiest leathers to clean and has a healthy absorption rate, making spills like soda or oils into minor inconveniences rather than major concerns.

And if you’re looking to buy an Eel leather belt for yourself, the Eel Belt Series by Belvedere is our top pick. They come in 4 different colors, including Purple, Navy, Camel, Grey, and Black, allowing you to mix and match each belt to any outfit in any color scheme.


Because the species is prone to spots or pits in the skin’s tiles that do not adequately receive colors during the tanning process, caiman skins are typically considered to be entry-level crocodilian skin or leather.

These flaws can be almost undetectable in first-grade skins from a good tannery, but they are frequently visible in second or third-grade skins. Generally speaking, the likelihood of spots or pits increases with skin size.

The suitability of a caiman hide for your purpose will rely on a number of elements, including cost, color, size, and quality.

Now that many well-known designers employ caiman in their creations, this species has gained popularity thanks to advancements in tanning and global marketing.

In terms of recommendations, DapperFam offers the best quality Caiman belts you can expect, also made by Belvedere. They come in all the common colors like Brown, Black, and Camel, but there are more than just a few variations.

Aside from the regular Caiman belt color skins like Olive, Navy, Blue, and Grey, you can get more unique variations from Belvedere’s Patchwork series, including Black Cherry, Honey, and of course, Black and Brown.


The skin of an alligator is silky, delicate, and very valuable. Alligators have soft skin but don’t usually extend out because of their hard scales, which may contain a skeletal structure.

However, compared to other reptiles, the skin is more malleable. As a result, alligator skin is typically simple to cut, sew, or fold.

You may now be wondering how to distinguish between an alligator and a crocodile. The difference is that the scales of crocodiles have tiny pores, while those of alligators are still smooth.

Looking for recommendations? We got you. DapperFam’s Belvedere offers another line of simple yet solid belt designs for you, including Peanut, Navy, Chocolate, Gray, Red, Black, Cognac, and Burgundy.


Ostrich leather is the most resilient and has the thick, opulent feel of all exotic leathers. Despite prolonged exposure to heat, the natural oils in the leather maintain it smooth and supple and guard against cracking.

It should be mentioned that the skin naturally darkens with time even though it has water resistance capabilities.

The section with the most pronounced feather socket markings is the most sought-after component and the most valuable piece of leather. Each follicle that once held a feather bears a quill pattern, making a unique and organic design.

DapperFam features a collection of high-quality Ostrich leather belts, making them the perfect fit for your exotic taste.

This collection includes Gray, Black, Burgundy, Burned Amber, Navy, Olive, Antiqued Red, Chocolate Brown, Brandy Brown, Scarlet Red, and Antiqued Cognac.

Apart from the typical color schemes, they also have various other variations in design. All of which can be mixed and matched with any style of fashion, whether casual, formal, or semi-formal.


Even among exotic animals, lizards are somewhat uncommon. Made from the skins of African water monitors, lizard skin is extremely delicate and prone to drying out if not properly cared for.

It would be described as high-maintenance leather because it needs specific care and should be maintained at a moderate temperature to prevent peeling or, as was previously indicated, drying.

Lizard leather from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand may be highly familiar to you if you are knowledgeable about leather goods since it’s readily available nearby.

And you’ll wonder why people need to import lizard leather from other Western nations. Indonesia and Malaysia are actually the primary origins of raw lizard leather.

Now on to our recommendations. There aren’t many options to choose from, but you’re bound to find one that suits your style, including Black, Tan, Navy, and Gray.

Tips On Caring For Your Leather Apparel


When taking care of leather products with scales, you should start by carefully wiping the leather with a soft, lint-free polishing cloth to remove dirt from scaled leather.

It’s crucial to always work on the leather by following the grain of the scaling and never against them. Otherwise, you run the risk of permanently damaging the leather.

It’s preferable to clean exotic leather that doesn’t have scales using Bamboo Lotion because it contains bamboo extract, which nourishes the leather and aids in removing dirt. In addition, the leather is kept from drying out thanks to the natural bamboo extract.


Protecting your favorite items over time requires waterproofing. An exotic spray is a waterproofing solution that is specially made for exotic leather goods. The spray not only shields the leather from moisture and grime but also gives the material essential nutrients.

Leather that isn’t scaly can also be used with an exotic spray. In addition, a carefully created waterproofing spray gives the substance crucial nutrients while guarding against dust and moisture.

All of your shoes and luggage should be treated both before and after each wet cleaning. After waterproofing, you can continue with your care regimen.

If you’re working with reptile leather, which is especially sensitive, exercise additional caution at every turn. Here, an exotic spray should work just well. Avoid applying any kind of polish or doing a wet clean.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the most durable exotic leather?

Ostrich is the most resilient and opulent-feeling exotic leather available. Despite prolonged exposure to heat, the natural oils in the leather maintain it smooth and supple and guard against cracking.

Which is better: alligator or crocodile leather?

Compared to crocodiles, alligators typically have smaller scales. As a result, they provide a leather texture that is smoother and softer since alligator skins are typically smoother.

What thickness of leather is best for belts?

Even though a thick belt may work well as a pistol belt, wearing it all day would not be very pleasant. According to our observations, the thickness that works best for most people is between 8.5 and 9.5 ounces or 1/8 and 9/64 of an inch.

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