Tropic 507 Ivy Cap

by Kangol

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The Tropic 507 is a modern & sleek Kangol® cap shape with curved side paneling to create an ergonomic fit. If you like the fit of a traditional baseball hat and love the classic look of the 504, the 507 is a perfect melding of the two. Wear the 507 to parties, dinners, BBQs, even semi-formal events and gatherings. Perfectly paired with a polo shirt, or with anything relaxed.

Baseball hat enthusiasts, this is your perfect introduction to the fashionable classic Kangol shape.

For comparison to the classic 504's shape, the Tropic is a bit more 'structured', similar to the difference in a high crown baseball cap (507) and a low crown baseball cap (504). The 504 may be a bit cooler and more ventilated, but not by much.

Appropriate in most weather conditions. It provides subtle warmth in the cold yet remains cool in the summer.