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Are you setting yourself up on an outdoor activity with friends or family? Why not get a good baseball cap to keep your hair neatly tucked in and protected from the sun?

No matter what season it is, baseball caps are proven to be the most trusted headwear with their laid-back, casual style. Moreover, they do a stellar job of protecting you from the sun.


Different Types of Baseball Caps

You already know what a baseball cap looks like when you see one. Typically, these hats use a soft material in their rounded crown.

What sets the baseball cap apart from other hats is that instead of having a brim surrounding its crown, it has a visor, bill, or peak that's jutting out in front.

There are many variations of a baseball cap. The main differences are typically the crown and the structure of the hat. Here are some of the different types:

  • Structured. This kind of baseball cap focuses on how the crown is structured. It has a stiffer panel than unstructured ones, so that they are not easily deformed even when you crumple them.
  • Unstructured caps. They have a softer approach, unlike the structured ones. These are flexible and lay flat on any surface.
  • Snapbacks. These caps are one of the popular choices for baseball caps. They can be a one-size-fits-all kind, using a snapback or velcro closure as adjustable straps to let your cap adjust and your head and hair breathe.
  • Fitted Hats. Instead of having a belt in the back of their baseball hat, a fitted baseball cap has no holes or straps. These hats are a suitable choice for when you're going out in the windy outdoors with friends or your particular person and doing some activities that require sun protection.
  • Flex-fit. Flexfit hats are similar to fitted caps, but they come in three sizes instead of getting the user's standard size. Elastic bands in the back allow the wearer a slight stretch in the small, medium, or large sizes.

How to Wear a Baseball Cap

Wearing a baseball cap is simple, but there are a few things to consider. To get the exact kind of your baseball cap, you first have to see the size of your head and see if it complements your face shape.

Next, think about what style you're going for. Everyday wear is the obvious choice when you sport any kind of baseball hat. However, since trends have progressed, you may now wear it with smart casual, streetwear, minimalist, and athleisure ensembles.

  • Smart Casual: to achieve smart-casual looks, it is important that you choose a clean look. Avoid getting a baseball cap with logos. Instead, pick a neutral-colored cap and pair it with trousers or chinos and loafers.
  • Streetwear: streetwear can be broad on terms when it comes to style. But you can pull it off by matching your baseball cap in boots and cargo pants, and a bomber jacket.
  • Minimalist: as the name suggests, a minimalistic look can look very simple yet sophisticated. Go for the basic colors such as black, white, or gray and possibly match it with your pants and sneakers.
  • Athleisure: to achieve this style, sweatshirts or hoodies are the ideal matches to pair with the baseball cap you're wearing.

What Makes a Baseball Hat a Popular Choice?

Baseball caps are a popular choice for those who value style. Over the last century, the baseball cap worn by baseball players has become a staple of the male wardrobe. However, not everyone understands how to properly use this tried and tested cap to allow their creativity in matching outfits.

Because of this, a baseball cap can be helpful in various ways. Not just because it's fashionable but they are also easy to customize to the specifics of the weather, so you'll be well protected from the unpredictable swings in temperature. To test it out in various outfits and styles, you can use hats that use materials such as wool, cotton, and even straw.

This headgear looks its finest when worn with an ensemble that features sharp accents. Your choice of loafers, boots, or sneakers can be paired with the hat, depending on the look you want to achieve.

Buy Baseball Caps at DapperFam

The best hat for a relaxed look is a baseball cap. As far as colors and styles go, you'll have plenty of options to select from.

This classic headwear can bring you convenience and superb comfort. That's why in our collection of baseball caps, we feature only high-quality designer baseball headwear brands like Kangol, Stacy Adams, and Bruno Capelo.