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Strapping gentlemen know how to sport a good pair of men's boots. Do you need to wear high-quality boots for your job interview? Or do you need a good team for a hiking vacation with your friends? We've got the shoes you're looking for in our collection.

Whether you prefer exotic skin shoes or beautiful shoes made from leather materials, finding the appropriate pair of boots to add to your wardrobe can make you feel more confident in your ability to carry your ensemble with panache.

When we speak boots, it's easy to imagine them associated with women's clothing. On the other hand, these kinds of shoes are not only for women's wear. Instead, the men's boots are adaptable to any style and field. The use of these shoes in men's clothing has undoubtedly increased in recent years, and here's why.


What Are Men's Boots?

Typically, men's boots are made to cover their entire foot, from the tips of their toes down to their ankles. It's a well-known type that dates back thousands of years.

Different kinds of boots have developed through time. The first model we know about men's boots starts from 12 to 15 thousand BC, as depicted in Spain's ancient cave painting. The boots worn by the males in this artwork are made of animal skin, whereas the shoes worn by the women are constructed of undercoats of animal fur.

Mesopotamian boots were the first acknowledged kind with the lace tied up to their legs. These boots are made of leather and have a cover on top of the foot.

Like any kind of clothing, the boots worn by the primordial people are also signifiers of social status. The fashion craze with the distinction of the elites and the ordinary people only stopped once World War 1 blew over. After that, new styles of boots continued to emerge. The later models use leather as the primary material of the shoes, varying on the length with several purposes in mind.

For example, in the horse-riding events, the riders will have to wear a riding boot that protects their knees with funnel tops. Aside from horse riding boots, heavy boots emerged in the military. Soldiers utilized military boots to ensure that they were not in the way of the battle and were comfortable to wear in any conditions.

As the twentieth century continues, the boots became more widely available to the general public and gained in popularity. The boots are no longer restricted to work-related outfits; rather, the established taste encompasses the individualized approach to everyday wear.

Different Kinds of Men's Boots

It is always a matter of preference to see where your taste in boot style lies. There are many types of boots to choose from, and they certainly have different approaches and attitudes.

As an example, when selecting dress boots, you can opt for a pair of brogues that are both casual and elegant in their appearance. The brogues give you complete protection against the water as the perforations can let the water substance out while still covering your feet from outside elements. Other than brogues, you can go for men's exotic skin shoes, which give you an authentic and sophisticated feel while still feeling very comfortable with your boots.

Other than that, here are some of the most popular men's boots styles nowadays:

  • Combat boots. Perfect for everyday wear, you can pair it with your jeans and button-up and a good baseball cap to achieve a relaxed manner.
  • Cowboy boots. This shoe is good for the rugged and oozing with western masculine style.
  • Chelsea. Suitable for those who don't want the lace to get all of the attention. Getting suede is a good investment for casual style, while you can also apply it to formal events such as job interviews.
  • Work boots. These shoes pride themselves on the protection they can provide as it has a durable double layer in their body. It can be a bit hefty once worn, but rest assured that it can be easy to clean.
  • Chukka boots. Unlike Chelsea boots, the chukka boots have an open lacing system, making them suitable for both suits and casual business styles.
  • Monk boots. This boot is a variation of monk strap shoes. While the monk strap shoes have a closed-toe structure, the boot version extends up to the ankle, with the straps still giving the sharp look with shiny leather on its body.

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Comfortable and stylish boots are always in our collection. Look for the boot that matches your vibe and appearance to enjoy the purchase fully.

DapperFam features a wide selection of boots to pick from, including styles from designer brands such as Belvedere, Taft, and Stacy Adams. In our variety of boots, you can rest assured that they are manufactured of the best materials.

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