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Wearing a quality fedora hat can be one of the ways to make a lasting impression. Known as one of the timeless classic hats, fedora hats are visually appealing and highly comfortable to wear. Moreover, fedoras are suitable for establishing your unique style by mixing and matching them with your chosen outfits.


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What Is a Fedora Hat?

Every hat has its unique style. And certainly, the fedora is one of the many hats that emerged centuries ago and remains with their fashionable look amongst the other hat styles today.

Fedora hats are a popular choice among men who want to explore their options for style variation. Aside from its indented crown style, people tend to choose the fedora because of its soft brim.

Different Types of Fedora

There are many different kinds of fedoras. The main distinction between different types of fedora hats are the various materials used in the making, and how short or wide their brims are.

  • Felt Fedoras. These fedoras use animal felt skin. The most popular choice of style under this category are the wool felt fedoras, as they are the most suitable style during winter.
  • Straw Fedoras. Straw fedoras are your summer-ready accessories. These straw fedoras are suitable choices when you need a hat to wear outdoors. They are mainly made from lightweight straw materials, and most of the designer fedora brands make sure that these hats are sewn by hand.
  • Wide Brim and Short Brim Fedoras. Typically, any fedoras vary in their size according to their usage. Wide brim fedoras range 4 to 10 inches long, suitable for sunny outdoor activities. Short brim fedoras, on the other hand, are fedoras that have a brim size that's shorter than 4 inches.
  • Dress and Formal Fedora Hats. When you're going for dressy and formal events, this kind of fedora hat should be your choice. Their classy and sharp approach is emphasized on the ribbons and the details of your fedora.
  • Casual Fedoras. This hat is your choice when it comes to daily wear. They are far subtle compared to dressy fedoras, and you can match them with the casual dress codes.

Other Types of Men’s Hats

  • Trilby. The trilby hats feature a narrow brim and a rather large crown. They’re very distinctive, yet somehow consistently get mistaken for other hats.
  • Pork Pie. Pork pie hats have a flatter approach compared to fedoras. These are suitable for users with long-shaped faces because of their stingy brim, which does an excellent job highlighting your jaw and other prominent facial features.
  • Homburg. Homburgs grab attention because of their centerdent and curved edges. These hats are for more formal occasions rather than casual-style events.
  • Safari. As for safari hats, they are typically made of straw or leather and suitable for outdoors. They fall into the category of a wide-brimmed fedora, only with a flatter crown.
  • Panama. This type of fedora hat is a straw, mainly using materials from Panama straws. These are light to wear and suitable for your summer getaway activities.
  • Gambler. A kind of wide-brimmed fedora hat with a round crown. The distinctive style of the gambler hat is evident in the slight pinches on the sides.
  • Outback hats. This hat is another wide-brimmed fedora. It serves a similar purpose to the safari hat. Instead of having straw as its material, it typically uses leather felt.

How to Wear a Fedora

To wear a fedora, you must first know the size and shape of your face to get the best results. For the fedora to look its best, it must be perfectly tailored to your head shape and overall look.

Other than that, you should also consider the colors and styles. It is a matter of choosing a hat that can serve you on any occasion, so we suggest picking a fedora hat with neutral colors.

A fedora's unique and flexible style will also help boost your confidence by highlighting your best features. For example, wearing a fedora with nice clothes and comfy shoes like loafers or boots would make you look confident in any situation.

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