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The homburg remains as one of the prominent hats worn by men. Though this hat tends to be one of the most dressy options, it continues to uphold its reputation of having an unrivaled style that complements one man's wardrobe.

Homburg hats are a staple to anybody's wardrobe, especially for men who want to have a unique retro-style touch. Wearing them gives each user a mysterious and intimidating aura, mostly because of their unique style that is not commonly seen in public.


Yet, as the fashion trends constantly change as they come and go, this formal hat still has a vintage flair that all men love, whatever time of the year it is.

What Is a Homburg Hat?

Homburg hats are primarily associated with the formal clothing style with their curl on the brim and center dent on their tall crown. These hats are typically made of wool felt with a grosgrain ribbon and some additional flourishes like feathers.

This hat was previously only available in a few colors. While black is still the most popular color, there are now several sophisticated shades to mix and match with your clothes, such as wine red and blue.

It can either be intimidating or a powerful fashion statement depending on whom you ask. Since these hats are of a distinct style, it is not typically combined with everyday wear like baseball caps.

The reason why it is not easily considered everyday wear is primarily because of its structure. Homburgs are almost close to a bowler hat with their firm crown. While bowler hats have rounded crowns, homburgs have a dent in the center.

Unlike the pork pie and fedora hats, this hat's curved brim sets it differently. While fedora hats have different brim styles and sizes, and the pork pie has a flat and stingy brim, the homburgs stand out with their pencil curled brims.

Homburg Hats: A Dive Back in History

The original homburg hat came from a factory in Homburg, Germany. In the 1890s, when Prince Edward VII returned home wearing a homburg for the first time, homburgs reached their initial popularity due to his influence.

After that, many more notable people prefer wearing homburgs because of their signature style. Winston Churchill, the former British Prime Minister, was known to wear the hat. He is often seen wearing any kind of hat, but he became more in favor of these hats because they are straightforward to wear.

However, the popularity of this hat is not a stable fashion. It also experienced its downfall until the Godfather movie franchise reclaimed its style. Al Pacino's character marked its popularity, influencing most men to incorporate the said hat in their formal events to attend to with their crisp suit.

How To Wear a Homburg Hat

The first thing about wearing homburg hats is to know how to style them accordingly. You may want to check whether they fit you and your proportions first. Your facial structure matters, as well as the manner of how you don this hat to reap all of the good looks it serves.

The next thing is to think about what event you're going to attend. Are you looking for a good hat to wear on a night stroll on a summer night? The straw homburgs are a suitable hat for you as they are light in weight and pleasing to the eyes. Make sure to pair them with semi-formal shoes like loafers or boots, and you're good to go!

You can look sharp and get a crisp suit to pair with your homburg. Use a trusted pair of oxford shoes, or pull out your men's exotic skin shoes to make your overall get up more luxurious.

Whatever the chosen style and look you want to pursue, you can make sure to find a hat that knows how to make you feel good with the articles of clothing that you're wearing.

Where to Find Quality Homburg Hats?

Choosing to buy a good homburg hat is an excellent investment, so let us help you make the selection process faster.

We know that your good style knows no bounds, so we collected all of the best homburg hats we can provide. Our collection only features trusted brands like Dobbs, Bruno Capelo, Bailey, and more to make sure you're spending your money on quality and durable homburgs that last for a lifetime.

Are you ready to explore your options with homburgs? Why don't you add it to your shopping list and give it a try?