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With brand new men’s straw hats, you can enjoy your time on the beach or the boat, looking dapper as ever. Of course, going out in the sun needs a lot of preparation and wearing sunblock is not enough to protect yourself from the summer heat.

While it can surely protect your exposed skin from the sun, donning a straw hat speaks volumes about your style and personality, as it enhances the enjoyability of your time outdoors. The lightweight and versatile quality of your straw hat make you thrive and feel a bit careless in the scorching sunlight while still looking sophisticated and easy on the eyes.


What Is a Men's Straw Hat?

When you’re looking for a suitable hat to shield your eyes from the harshest rays of the sun, choose to pick up a straw hat as you go outside. Straw hats are typically seen as hats with wide brims. The crown and the body of the hat are made of straw material with some bands on the crown, but it is usually depending on the style that you’re going for.

Some kinds of straw hats have a wider brim than the fedora. These floppy brimmed straw hats are excellent for covering a wide area of your face that needs shade from the sun. And if you are not a fan of the floppy and wide ones because of their extremely wide brims, there are also the designer-made fedoras, homburgs, and dress caps made out of straw to choose from. Typically, you will find that these fedoras are made by brands like Bruno Capelo, Stetson, Steven Land, and more.

Why Should You Wear a Straw Hat?

No matter what the style of hat that you’re going for, buying a straw hat comes with many benefits. A straw hat aficionado knows that a straw hat is extremely comfortable to wear. The hat that fits your head just right can do wonders for you, especially when it gives you the breathability you need when the sun’s prickly rays start hitting your skin.

In the hot weather, it is already known that moving around makes you sweat so easily. But with a straw hat, you wouldn't have to feel uneasy with the buildup of sweat around its band or on your forehead. Unlike the fur-felt materials that feel incredibly hot when you wear them, the straws used in the hat have tiny holes. These tiny holes let the air weave through the hat and dry the formation of dampness in your head.

Other than that, the straw hats also provide protection from the sunlight and other elements in the sun that can harm you, your hair, and even your skin. It is well known that UV rays are the human enemy number one when it comes to sun exposure.

These dangerous rays are blocked by the straw hats so that they won’t hit you directly, and it can lessen the dramatic effects of long-term sunlight exposure. Keeping UV rays aside, you can also keep your hair stylish and clean from the elements found in the air. The dust that accumulates in your hair can cause damage, and to prevent it from happening, the straw hat keeps the dirt on its surface rather than building up in your scalp and hair follicles.

Last but not least, is that the materials used in the men's straw hats are durable enough for this season and many more summers to come! Men's straw hats have a distinct stiff crown made out of woven straw, while some of them can be easily folded, you can rest assured that the crown bounces back from the punishment it receives.

You can make sure that your men's straw hats made by the popular designer hat brands are made from high-quality straws. The artisans weave the straw hats, paying attention to the details and style. With proper care and storage, the hat can last for more than one year.

The designers and manufacturers also see to it that the structure of men's straw hats fits every individual’s head size and shape, which are some important factors to consider when a buyer fits a hat to their comfort and style.

Buy Men's Straw Hats at DapperFam

So, whether you’re looking for a straw hat with elaborate details to match your outdoor trip ensemble, or a straw hat to wear with a crisp tuxedo and black tie to an outdoor party during summer eve, DapperFam has got you.

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