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When you wear a pork pie hat that matches your outfit, people will notice your level of refinement. There is something both elegant and eye-catching about the flat crown design of these hats.

Whether you want a lightweight and durable pork pie for everyday wear or a snazzy pork pie for a fun night out, we've got you covered!


What Are Pork Pie Hats?

If you’re looking for a casual yet refined alternative to the traditional fedora hat, a pork pie hat is perfect for you. The stingy brim that surrounds its flat crown is what makes this hat so distinctive.

Moreover, these hats were once a popular option among women who wanted to have a good hat to match with their wigs. But as time passed by, they incorporated pork pies in men's clothing. The American actor Buster Keaton was one of the known wearers of the hat, and it significantly shows in his movies and personal choice of style.

Since Buster Keaton's impact grew in the media, more men have realized how comfy the hat is, as well as how nicely it complements their overall style.

Who Should Wear Pork Pie Hats?

Most musicians commonly wear pork pie hats, particularly in the jazz genre.

Pork pie hats should fit perfectly for those with a long or oval face shape. This is mainly because the brim can emphasize your facial features. They are generally not advised for men who have a square or circular face shape.

So, if you're looking forward to getting your game up with a suit, a pork pie hat is the reliable hat for you.

How to Wear a Pork Pie Hat

There are three main ways to wear your pork pie hat. You can do the following:

  • Flat. You can pop the hat into your head and have it placed exactly where you want it.
  • Inclined. As the name suggests, you should wear this style in an upward position in front of your head.
  • Declined. This style requires the hat's brim dipped on the back of your head with a 45 degrees angle leaning on the side.

Pork Pie Hats vs. Fedora Hats

Pork pies and fedora are strong hat styles that both men can enjoy wearing. However, there are several differences when it comes to their structure.

For instance, when you look at fedora's brims, they have different lengths and styles. It can be upturned or downturned, mostly depending on the user's preference.

On the other hand, pork pies are known for their short brims without any variation in their style. It's a prominent style that makes the pork pie more suitable for those who want a subtle and polished look.

Why Should You Get a Pork Pie Hat?

Pork pie hats are available in various styles to suit every refined taste. These hats are known for bringing out men's strong jaws and emphasizing more of their prominent features. So, even if you're not a jazzy musician, you can still look sharp and charming at the same time.

You have many options with a pork pie, such as their different hat colors and styles; depending on your mood and places to go to, you can get the light or dressy colored ones to spice up your wardrobe. Aside from that, don't forget to see if the stitched band and feathers help you elevate your style.

You can wear these hats during winter with the ones made out of wool and canvas. In general, they are considered promising materials in providing adequate heat while you are battling against the chilly wind throughout your travels or surviving places with freezing temperatures.

And if you're looking for a great hat to wear when sitting around a campfire on a summer night, your pork pie straw hat and plaid shirt with shorts can make a significant difference in your appearance.

Get Your Pork Pie Hats at DapperFam

Make a statement with your style by donning one of our pork pies. You can wear these hats no matter what time of year it is; whether it's summer, winter, autumn, or spring, you have a wide range of options to choose from. With our vast selection of numerous hat styles to pick from, buying your hat is a straightforward process.

DapperFam categorizes a large selection of hats for any style and taste. You can get your trusted pork pie here, in line with many designs and brands from known designers like Bruno Capelo, Bailey, Stetson, and more!