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Picture yourself outside on a scorching summer day, a glass of whiskey in one hand and a set of cards in the other. You tilt up the brim of your gambler hat to get a closer look at the cards on the table. You know you’re going to win… and that you’re going to win in style.

That’s how cool and confident you’ll feel when you wear one of the gambler hats available here at DapperFam.


What is a Gambler Hat?

A gambler hat is a traditional dress hat that has roots in the west. It closely resembles a pork pie hat, but unlike the pork pie, it has a medium brim and a crease in the middle that’s also called a telescope crease. Its brim is a bit upturned and its crown is similar to a fedora’s with its “pinched” top. Gambler hats are also adorned with a solid-toned ribbon that wraps around the entire crown.

Gambler hats are believed to have derived their name from the gamblers who frequented the riverboat casinos on the Mississippi rivers. History has it that the gamblers wanted to look like wealthy landowners, so they copied the fashion sense of plantation owners. At that time, the wealthy often wore flat-crowned “planter’s hats” or “plantation hats”, a type of straw hat with a wide brim.

It was the go-to headwear for wealthy men that liked smoking cigars or playing cards out on the deck. The gambler hat was also widely popular among the working class as it provided its wearers with proper ventilation – particularly those who worked outdoors.

The original gambler hats were made of sisal straw, but today’s brands now design gambler hats made out of wool or wool blends. Gambler hats also have open-weaved varieties, and can now be worn as summer hats. In other words, it has become one of the most versatile hats of all time.

Gambler Hat vs. Cowboy Hat: What’s the Difference?

It’s not uncommon to confuse one for the other. Both hats have upturned sides and are worn outdoors, but they’re distinct in their own ways, as well. To be absolutely sure that you buy a gambler hat and not a cowboy hat, let’s take a look at each hat’s characteristics.

A gambler hat has a rounded crown that’s creased at the edges. Because of its top part, it is often mistaken for a pork pie hat, but its brim is a bit wider. Gambler hats are often handcrafted from straw as they’re meant to be breathable and worn outdoors.

A cowboy hat is also ideal for outdoor wear, but aside from being worn by cowboys and not by wealthy landowners, what mainly sets it apart is its brim. Unlike the gambler hat, a cowboy hat’s brim is way wider and upturned on only two sides. In addition, the cowboy hat comes with multiple dents or creases in the middle. They can even come with a crease called the Gambler Crease!

Why Should You Wear a Gambler Hat?

Gambler hats aren’t only for gamblers – they’re for anyone who wants to add a bit of “swagger” to their ensemble.

With its low crown and not-too-wide brim, the gambler hat remains a popular choice among gentlemen around the globe. It instantly adds a classy flair to your outfit, whether you’re in casual, formal, or semi-formal wear. Be fashionable in a gambler hat that’s designed to make you look good, regardless of what you’re wearing.

Want to go for a rockstar look? Embrace your inner Steven Tyler and wear a gambler hat with a button-down shirt (the top two or three buttons unbuttoned, of course) and throw on all of the necklaces that you own. You could also slip it on your head for a refined flair that’ll take you back to the 19th century.

You can also wear it as a summer hat. For instance, if you’re going to a yacht party, a gambler hat made from straw can add a touch of elegance to your getup. It’s breathable, lightweight, and best of all, it’s so stylish, everyone will want to buy a gambler hat!

How to Style Your Gambler Hat

As we said, gambler hats come with a ribbon that wraps around the crown like a boater hat. However, a gambler hat’s ribbons are more subtle and tend to come in solid colors like blue, black, and brown.

Want a gambler you can wear to go gambling? You’ll look like a pro at poker when you wear the Gambler by Bruno Capelo. Made of wool, this dress hat features a dotted feather for a fanciful flair. Wear it with a velvet suit to look extra sleek, people will think you’re an expert at blackjack, baccarat, and the like.

Wear the Vented Straw Fedora by Dobbs with a crisp, white suit to formal or semi-formal events such as weddings and Easter brunches. Crafted from straw, it’s the perfect hat for warm afternoons.

Buy Men’s Gambler Hats at DapperFam

If you’ve always wanted to experience what it was like to smoke a cigar on a warm afternoon, with the view of your vast farmland in front of you, buy a gambler hat from DapperFam. A gambler hat not only protects your face from the sun but also makes you look more refined. You’ll look like the wealthy man that gamblers and outlaws wanted to be!