Belvedere Exotic Skin Shoes

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There’s definitely a pair of shoes for everyone. For shoe enthusiasts, the more luxurious and unique a shoe’s style is, the more it piques their interest. If you’re willing to pay an extra price for the shoes that bring dressing up to a different level, Belvedere shoes are for you....Nothing can easily beat the sleek Italian style that is embedded with every pound it took to finish a pair of Belvedere shoes. These designer-quality shoes feature superior construction processes that are mostly done by hand, ensuring that they undergo a thorough inspection, unlike mass-produced, factory made shoes. With each pair, the craftsmen also invest a significant amount of time to make sure that it’s not just about the style, but comfort as well, that would make you want to own your pair of these exotic shoes. DapperFam showcases Belvedere shoes other than just crocodile and alligator skin, which they are famous for, such as slip on shoes made of ostrich leather. Ostrich skin is known for being durable yet supple, containing natural oils that help it resist cracking and stiffness. The versatility of Oxford shoes, on the other hand, are showcased in our pairs made of stingray and eel skin. DapperFam has put together the shoes you will badly need in your wardrobe, styled differently for every occasion. These collections of different animal leather shoes come in a variety of colors such as black, red and a few flashy ones such as green and blue. Strapped, with laces or without, our Belvedere shoes will make you regret you never bought a pair before. At DapperFam, we offer you our prestigious pairs of Belvedere Shoes. Shop our collection now to get a hold of our trendsetter pairs.