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Dobbs Hats brings the finest selection of men's hats, no matter the season or occasion. Dobbs knows that making a hat with high-quality materials brings each user confidence...And as a consumer, you'd know at first glance that each product they make will illuminate your preference and your unique style when it comes to dressing fashionably.

The Story of Dobbs Hats

As one of the most popular hat producers in America, Dobbs made its name from the straw, felt, and cut & sewn hats they make. Dobbs started in the 1900s, and they are still standing strong even though they have been around for many decades. Because of their timeless design and unsurpassed craftsmanship, the company's headwear has endured through the ages.

Starting as the Hat Corp. of America in the late 1930s, the company continued its legacy in 417 Fifth Avenue, New York. Later on, gaining their name as Dobbs, the hat-making company continues to dedicate their work to producing the straw hat and felt hat aficionados. Additionally, the headdress is essentially made only in the USA, catering to the needs of everyone who knows to pick an excellent hat to mix and match with their ensemble.

Being a century-long running company that continues to live up to its name and brand, they develop an expansive collection of hats that you should look out for.

Different Kinds of Dobbs Hats

What is it about Dobbs hats that make them so popular? The answer is simple. Regardless of the type of hat, the hat's exquisite details never fail to fascinate hat buyers. Despite their growing popularity, they have remained faithful to their principles and committed to what they have started.


Dobbs hats have many variations in fedoras because of their persistence in creating stylish and detailed hats. They are consistent with their headpiece with a playful take on the colors and styles. Moreover, the company also considers the appropriateness of the fedora, whether it should be seasonal or not. They make sure that each fedora comes from good quality material.

There's always a fedora hat that you can try. Knowing that summer can be both dangerous and prickly to our skin, Dobbs has a vast selection of straw fedora hats to accompany your fresh summer outfit. You don't have to walk out in the sun, leaving your head exposed to the harsh elements in the summer heat.

As for the winter season, wool Dobbs hats are a suitable option. Apart from the fact that each wool from Dobbs went through rigorous checking and processing, you can guarantee that wearing one will keep you warm against the cold climate.

Long story short, you can always see to it that the fedora hat you're getting is suitable for any occasion you can think of.

Flat Caps/ Newsboy Caps

A vintage approach on hats can provide you with a retro look that is only enhanced with the addition of a fantastic flat cap to top it all off. Wearing one of these newsboy caps gives an image of youth and freshness that never goes out of style.


Homburgs are the choice when you don't want to stick to the usual fedora hats. The details found in this kind of hat are always a superb material to look at.

You can always admire a good homburg, especially when Dobbs makes it. With a precise cut on their brims and a clean distinction of the crown, you'd surely want to add more to your collection.


Trilbies made by Dobbs don't need many details to give away how much you would want to have one. While fedoras give the same proportional width to the brim and crown, the stingy-brimmed trilbies are stylish enough to carry for your casual and casual business affairs.

Materials Used in Dobbs Hats

Apart from their hat styles, Dobbs ensures that each material used in their hats is appropriate for the needs of each user. With regard to the seasonally appropriate hats, straw hats are fantastic outdoor accessories during the summer months.

As for winter, wool fedoras or flat caps are good insulators to keep your head warm and fashionable at the same time.

Buy Quality Dobbs Hats at DapperFam

DapperFam features a vast collection of modern and classic Dobbs hats to ensure the quality and value of your headwear choices.

Each hat coming from Dobbs resembles the classic hat that people still love. It continues for centuries, with lasting improvement on the details of their fedora hats, straw hats, trilbies, pork pies, and flat caps.

Other than the details, you can enjoy the vast selection of colors that you can mix and match with. Dobbs hats with earth tones are excellent dinner date material, or they can also venture to more formal events such as weddings and more. But other than formal ones, there are also sleek and clean colors that you can choose for your neat yet casual style.

Are you thinking of adding them to your cart? Why not check out the rest of the collection and find the right Dobbs hat that works well with your taste?