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If you’ve ever wanted to look like the dapper men on the show Peaky Blinders, it’s time to wear an ivy cap or flat cap. These caps can elevate your outfit and make you look put-together even if you’re wearing a plain white t-shirt.

When you wear an ivy cap or flat cap, you can look effortlessly smart. You’ll look like the kind of man that goes on coffee runs every morning, plays polo on the weekends, and drinks a glass of whiskey while sitting in front of the fireplace every night.


What is a Flat Cap?

A flat cap is a form of men’s headwear with a rounded brim and soft fabric construction. Its top part is a single piece of fabric that’s downward-set and fastened to the second part of the cap, the brim. For comfort, flat caps are often lined with fabric, particularly if they’re made from itchy materials such as wool.

Flat Cap vs. Newsboy Cap

People tend to confuse a flat cap for a newsboy cap, but the two are not the same. A flat cap is, as the name implies, flat. Meanwhile, a newsboy cap is a type of flat cap that features 6 to 8 “panels” and a button at the top. This creates the distinct crown-like shape of the newsboy cap that looks a bit like a baseball cap but is better suited for traditional and dapper men.

To tell the difference between a flat cap and a newsboy cap, simply look for the button at the top. If it has a button, it’s likely a newsboy cap.

What is an Ivy Cap?

An ivy cap or scally cap is a rounded cap with a low profile and stiff construction. Compared to a flat cap that has a noticeable brim, the ivy cap has an unobtrusive brim that appears to be enveloped by the same fabric that the rest of the cap is made of. In short, the ivy cap has a seamless structure.

Another distinctive aspect of the ivy cap is its firm structure. Ivy caps are fastened to the front to form a compact cap that maintains its shape. Ivy caps are often crafted from wool or other fabric blends and are lined with satin.

What’s the Difference Between an Ivy and a Flat Cap?

It’s a common misconception that flat caps and ivy caps are the same, however, they’re very distinct caps. An expert way to tell a flat cap from an ivy cap is to examine the brim – if it pokes out, it’s likely a flat cap. If it looks like you’re wearing one piece (in other words, you can’t tell the parts apart), you have an ivy cap.

Why Wear an Ivy or Flat Cap?

If you’ve ever wanted headwear that’s perfect for “in-between” weather (not so cold and not so hot), and that doesn’t draw attention, your best bet is an ivy cap or flat cap.

Compared to large-brim hats and wide-brim hats, flat caps are more subtle, fashionable, and best of all, functional. You’ll still be able to keep your head warm, but you won’t have to bundle up as you would with other winter hats. You can get away with wearing it in the winter, but you wouldn’t look weird if you wore it during the rest of the seasons, either. In other words, they’re versatile pieces that you can pair with casual and formal wear.

Plus, they can elevate your attire, whether you’re wearing trousers, a vest, or even a pair of shorts! If your getup needs something more, put on an ivy cap or flat cap for flair.

Choosing the Perfect Cap

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a cap is its fit. The cap should sit perfectly on your head the moment that you put it on. If it feels loose or slants to one side of your face, that’s a sign that it isn’t the right size. To get the size right, refer to a sizing chart or put a finger between your head and the hat. If your finger feels like it’s being pinched, keep looking.

Another factor consider is the cap’s pattern. Ivy caps and flat caps come in a variety of colors and prints, such as plaid, striped, and geometric tiled. If you’re looking for a cap that goes with any outfit, go for a timeless cap like the Tyson. But if you want something that’ll get people to stop and stare, you can’t go wrong with a patterned cap like the Tekwave.

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