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Treat yourself with a durable and stylish men’s wool hat from our collection. Battling against the cold weather does not have to be just with a jacket or a coat; instead, you can still enjoy the warmth you’ll get from wearing a wool hat of your choice. We, at DapperFam, think that even if the temperature drops, your fashion statement should keep you warm with the help of a sophisticated outfit....

What Are Men's Wool Hats?

Men's wool hats are any kind of hat that is primarily made out of wool. Originally, this kind of felt was chosen as a cheaper alternative to much more expensive materials involved in the hat-making process. However, the versatility of wool in recent years has shown that it is the best material for a good winter hat.

The weather and season surely have a say in the type of hat that one should go for. Unlike the hats that are made out of straw and are only suitable for the dry season, men's wool hats can withstand both heat and cold temperatures. Moreover, straw hats get damaged when they are faced with water. That’s why many hat makers prefer to make a hat out of wool because of its ability to manage the water particles absorbed by your hat and dry off naturally in the air without much upkeep and worry that it will be ruined in time.

Benefits of Choosing Men's Wool Hats

The style of choosing a wool hat also comes with the perks of buying a wool hat. You can choose to go with any color – neutrals, pastels, or the standard dark-colored ones. The colors give you a way to further explore the compatibility of your hat with your clothing preferences.

Always remember that on a formal occasion, choosing the dark-hued ones is the best option to go for. The lighter the color of the hat gets, the more it needs to be paired with casual styles.

Not only are these hats stylish, but they also help the environment. Sure enough, the wool is extracted from animals’ skins, like sheep, cashmere, and goats' mohair. The material is produced from a natural source and it doesn’t result in easy breaking. Instead, the wool texture lasts longer than other textiles like cotton or synthetic fibers.

Additionally, the comfort found in choosing a wool hat is heavenly. When you touch the crown of the hat, you can feel the soft texture that is intricately woven and polished to give each user the most comfortable experience while sporting one.

If you’re concerned about the sweat forming on your head and wondering if it can cause an odor, it’s not. Do note that taking care of your hat also has a role here, so if you choose not to occasionally clean your wool hat, it could be one of the contributing reasons why it exists in the first place.

The next best thing about your chosen men's wool hats is that they absorb the moisture from the outside, making them an extremely appropriate hat for the damp season. We know that it’s a bummer when the water gets in the way of the hairstyle that took hours to get right. And yet, with wool hats, you don’t have to worry about it. The easiest way is to wipe the damp area with a cloth and then let it dry naturally.

Lastly, the material also has its own way of producing warmth in your head even though it is cold outside. Whether it’s raining or you’re experiencing the snow and the cold breeze hitting your ears, you’re bundled up with the correct pieces of clothing.

There are tons of trusted brands that you can try out. Bruno Capelo and Dobbs are two brands to look into if you like the durability and elegance of wool fedoras. However, if you’re looking for a fun and clean variation on the fedora and want a hat that goes well with your casual clothing, Kangol has got the wool bucket hat to match!

So, if you are looking for a winter hat that goes with your jacket or coat, wool hats are there to accentuate your ensemble.

Buy Men's Wool Hats at Dapperfam

DapperFam curates an extensive list of high-quality men's wool hats. Our collection is dedicated to giving you access to quality hats from trusted brands like Dobbs, Bruno Capelo, and more. You can get a new wool hat in the unique style you want! Get your wool fedora, ivy cap, and even the new and trendy bucket hats that reflect your personal style this winter.

It’s never too late to add some winter-ready spice to your wardrobe. Why not start with a good men's wool hat? Start browsing through the collections above, and make sure to check them out in your shopping cart today!