Monaco in Houndstooth / Black

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Color: Houndstooth / Black
Houndstooth / Black
Size: 4
Width: D - Standard Width
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Men's Sartorial & Italian Leather Double Monk

Featuring two straps coming across the upper, the double monk is the hottest shoe in men’s fashion right now. This shoe is perfect for anyone looking for a modern twist on a classic, elegant style.

  • Model: Double Monk
  • Materials: Houndstooth Sartorial, Black Box Calf
  • Lining: Black Calf Leather Lining
  • Sole: Black Leather Sole
  • Last: Zurigo
  • Finishing Attribute: Standard Finishing
  • Handmade Production Time: 4 weeks lead time
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Returns Policy

Custom / made-to-order products are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

Therefore, it is very important that you select the correct size and understand the color differences between screens and reality.

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When shopping online, please note that our custom-made products are final sale and cannot be exchanged. We highly recommend double-checking your selections to ensure they meet your needs and preferences before finalizing your purchase.




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Shipping & Processing

Estimated production time: 28-35 days

Your chosen luxury shoes will be handcrafted to perfection in Spain over the next 28-35 days, ensuring exceptional quality and uniqueness. Once perfected, they'll be swiftly delivered to your doorstep via FedEx Air, typically within 3 business days. By adding to your cart, you join us in celebrating the art of fine shoemaking. We value your understanding and patience in this journey towards excellence.

Color: Houndstooth / Black
Houndstooth / Black
Size: 4
Width: D - Standard Width
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Not sure which size is right for you?

Follow these simple instructions to help ensure you have the best fit:

You will need a piece of paper, a pen or pencil, and a ruler or measuring tape.

Look for an area with a hard floor, such as tile or hardwood, where you can comfortably stand and place the paper.

Place the piece of paper flat on the floor. Make sure it's large enough to accommodate your entire foot.

To simulate wearing shoes, put on a thin sock that you would typically wear with the type of shoes you are planning to buy.

Stand up straight with your feet parallel and your weight evenly distributed on both feet. This will ensure an accurate measurement.

Place one foot carefully on the paper, ensuring that your heel is aligned with the edge of the paper.

With the pen or pencil held vertically, trace the outline of your foot, keeping the pen in contact with the paper at all times. Make sure to trace around the widest points of your foot, including the toes and the ball of your foot.

Rapid & Secure Shipping

DapperFam shoes are hand-made on demand and ship from our factory in Spain via DHL. Once shipped, they should arrive within 5 business days.

Perfect Packaging

Our shipping cartons are purposefully built to protect your investment while saving you money. Everybody wins!

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Proudly Made in

Almansa, Spain

Almansa is a quintessential Spanish village in the heart of Europe known for its red wine making, traditional shoemaking and leather working history. Our experts craft at the natural pace of human labor, with a single team overseeing the same pair of shoes from start to finish.


Goodyear Welted Perfection

Original Goodyear Welted shoes have always been associated with excellence and superior workmanship. This construction process is expensive, time-consuming, and requires highly skilled craftsmanship. For instance, more than 60 craftsmen are involved in the process of manufacturing one of our Goodyear shoes, requiring more than 120 production steps, from beginning to end.

Calfskin Leather Interior

These shoes are fully-lined with soft calfskin leather, which means ultimate comfort. Most companies will only partially line their shoes, but we go the extra mile because it means a more comfortable shoe and less break-in time.

What is Made-to-order?

Made-to-order refers to items that are crafted only after a customer places an order, ensuring that the product is tailored to the customer's specific preferences or requirements.

DapperFam has adopted this approach to manufacturing exclusively for our premium offerings.

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Hand-Painted Patina

High-grade unfinished crust leather is hand painted by our artisans at the patina workshop.

With attentive care and superior savoir-faire, a dedicated craftsman perfects the personality of each pair of shoes, helping forge their special sole.

Hand-cut to your specs

The Clicking Department is the first stage of production. The highly skilled Clickers (whose name derives from the clicking sound made when the knife is removed from the leather) use predetermined patterns to intricately cut the shoe‚ uppers and linings. Each Clicker designs and grinds the blade of their knife to their own personal taste and working preference.

Shoe Care & Maintenance

Every leather shoe requires care if you want them to last long. Clean and polish them before and after every wear.

Shoe Care

Customize. Design. Create.

Your Design, One of One

Take our concepts and make them your own with our industry-leading 3D Design Tool. There are literally BILLIONS of styles & design combinations, materials, and finishings. Go ahead, make it yours!